Suggestions what to cover tree roots but still have a walkway w/bricks

Barbara Long
by Barbara Long
Would like to have roots covered up but be able to walk in patio area. Considered removing some and add pea gravel. Would love suggestions.
Many more bricks have popped up since last summer. Suggestions on what to use and how to redo the patio area?
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  • Melanie Czoka Melanie Czoka on Mar 31, 2018

    Maybe add a layer of dirt and then relay the bricks? That’s a nice walkway :)

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Mar 31, 2018

    The tree roots have to go. Digging, cutting, treating, it’s a big deal. If the roots are under your walk, they are heading under your foundation, or your neighbors! Decide if you want to keep the tree. If you cover the roots with dirt and rocks, the roots will eventually rot and kill the tree, but it will take a few years.

  • Emmen Emmen on Mar 31, 2018

    If you cut the roots it will kill the tree, so I would suggest building a low composite deck. It’s the best of both worlds you get to have your path and keep a beautiful tree. The best thing is composite is no maintenance

  • Dana Dana on Apr 01, 2018

    i agree with two of the comments, first is Jewell’s about the roots damaging the foundations of nearby homes, second is Emmens commen.. if you damaged the roots the tree will slowly die and cause you more issues. Is the tree roots near your homes foundation? Next is does the tree shade your home? You seriously need to think through all your options here. Easy way is building A low decking, not using dirt to cover the roots because it will wash away in rain and waist the money for that. Good luck in whatever you do. Save a tree...

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Apr 01, 2018

    Lift the level of walk way by adding more soil and making a step.........or slope............

  • Ohio Sandie Ohio Sandie on Apr 01, 2018

    Curse every time you trip on it like I do🤭 I tried pea gravel in some areas but it ends all over the place unless you treat it with resin or something to keep it in place. I did cut some superficial roots, tree didn’t seem to mind.

  • SoUncool SoUncool on Apr 01, 2018

    We made our walkway AROUND the roots and let the roots be. You don’t want to damage them but you can cover them with dirt and mulch or like one poster mentioned, build a raised walkway OVER the roots.

  • MadameRã MadameRã on Apr 01, 2018

    A quick suggetion is to either make// or purchase rock mats... *Look they are not dear pre- made its just how many one might require... sometimes people prefer to make as they can create their own shapes, tho what i can see an average size mat could be used neatly without having to get many. If buying pre-made however, it is best to check prices,& personally being in the Industry for ever, its worth checking those odd looking brochures that are wrapped in plastic & magically come to you~ & always in Post boxes in addition to addresses. The real statement here is to get a few ideas of prices & bargin down~ believe me its not hard in todays new world. {I am not sure overseas tho in Australia everthing is dear, so those wanting info directly from myself now without doing the research themselves i charge a lil for my time, as giving always does not get you the serious respect that really goes into thought of something different ~ & i support such places as the NORD research foundation, for Rare unwell persons; i work hard & i to am in this catorgory.. ok snuck that in:)))

    I doubt you’ll pay much past 20. odd dollars US.. •What i’ll try to do is send you a pic of mats we make~ basically rocks are stuck on a special ground mess type fabric//though of plastic coating so air gets through, including grass if wanted,& as they can be picked up there is no hassle with garden area cleanups. ... If you want no grass in areas, then use a non toxic soapy water with a drop or two of citronella in a good spray bottle: Tip, always shake bottle inbetween sprays... none of this hurts other plants or soil,& will keep your rocks clean & nasty’ bugs away(( like mozzies))... Enjoy whatever you choose to do.. Happy Crafting:)))