What can I do to this yard???

The yard is long, rocks in a few areas of ground and in the parking area. Could use pics of advice and ideas to make it relaxing, add a little color, kid friendly...
q what can i do to this yard
q what can i do to this yard
q what can i do to this yard
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  • Beth Hubley Beth Hubley on Apr 11, 2018
    Because the yard is so long I would form two separate areas. One as an outdoor patio type area and one as a play area. I’ve seen great pallet decks on Pinterest. Something like that could form the entertainment area. A can of spray paint can Help repurpose aging plastic patio furniture. Also. I would start by gathering all rocks, bricks etc into one place. You may be able to do something creative with them once you have them together and see what you have to work with!

  • First, I would fix that fence! If you want grass, a rototiller would help break up the ground. Add topsoil and seed. You could also put some flowers/bushes along the fence. That should get you started.

  • Debbie King Debbie King on Apr 11, 2018
    Paint the rocks happy colors. Paint the bare rocks with glow in the dark paint where full sun is. At night they will glow

  • Chuckee Notelling Chuckee Notelling on Apr 12, 2018

    I am with Ann, That fence is bringing everything down hard! I would fix it and then paint it a really nice colour that you love, cause you are going to look at it all the time be sure you pick something that makes you happy. Use that colour as your base for everything.

    Then I would widen that walkway. It is too skimpy for either good looks or function. If budget is tight dont try to do matchy matchy cause that means investment. Scrounge alleys. That is where homeowners "store" extra material.If you see a pile of sidewalk slabs or pavers in an alley, the odds are the homeowner dosent want them and you may get them just for asking! Think about curves, dividing the space into two in a curvy way.From upper left to lower right. Play with a garden hose as your line until you are happy with it.

    Lawn or ground cover ( green and healthy is all you need) on the right side and planting and level seating,/BBQ space into the left hand section. I would plant a grouping of shrubbery right at the top left, something bushy and with some height as well. Changing levels will give interest and fool the eye into not noticing the length of the space as much. If you arent into gardening, use the advice of a good garden centre. Even if you dont buy there use their expertise.

    Good luck and post pictures as you progress! ( Just like Rome, it wont get built in a day)

  • Christierei Christierei on Apr 13, 2018
    What I really notice is that there is no shade and no trees! Plan a gazebo, shade sail or something! A shade sail is probably your best bet for this first year. For this year, I would plant annuals that grow from seed. ( Cheaaap) I would plant sunflowers and a pretty vine to grow on the fence.