Whats the best way to plan your garden to get continual harvest

I finally bought a house with enough yard space for my dogs and a garden

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  • 2dogal 2dogal on Dec 31, 2017
    Contact your County Agricultural Extension Cooperative office. They will have all the information about growing seasons, different vegetables that grow best in your area and how to grow them. Get a soil test done first to get the best soil for your garden. Start a compost pile now.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Dec 31, 2017
    There are many different veggies you can plant in ways to have longer harvest time. Plant things like bush green beans every two weeks to prolong harvest time. The same with things like carrots, peppers, greens, corn, many of the veggies. Pole beans are a fairly late crop, they usually start to ripen about the time my bush beans are on the wane even though they are planted at the same time, so I don't do it with them. If you know your growing season length, you can adapt this to just about any crop you want as long as you start from seed. Most seeds give you how long they take to germinate and how long it takes to start getting mature fruit from the plants, you just need to judge from there if you can get extra crops from things like tomatoes. I have good luck with carrots, green beans, peppers, but don't do it with crops like tomatoes, cucumbers and squash because it takes too long in the season I have to get successive crops. If you have a long warm, but not hot fall, you can also try to calculate if you could possible get in an extra cool weather crop at the end of the season.

  • Mogie Mogie on Dec 31, 2017
    Do you mean garden for growing food or flowers?