1. Herb Garden in Patio Table

Michelle Kirstein introduces an innovative DIY project that transforms a patio table into a functional herb garden.

By removing the table's tiles, the author cleverly repurposes three 12" x 12" planters to fit perfectly in the space. Addressing concerns about weight and drainage, Kirstein ingeniously utilizes old pool noodles as lightweight fillers and ensures proper drainage for the herb garden.

After planting the herbs and repositioning the tiles, the finished piece not only serves as an herb garden but also offers versatility for accommodating flowers or succulents. Get tutorial here

2. Raised Garden Planter With Trellis

In her DIY project, Jennifer Howard presents an engaging tutorial that aims to transform an outdoor patio with the addition of a raised garden planter accompanied by a trellis.

With the goal of incorporating more greenery, flowers, and privacy from road traffic, the post offers practical tips on how to cut boards, attach supports, incorporate lattice, and add finishing touches like staining and lining.

Whether you're a gardening enthusiast or seeking to enhance your outdoor space, this article provides a comprehensive guide to creating an attractive and functional raised garden planter with a trellis. Get tutorial here

3. Vertical Hanging Wall Planter

Get ready to elevate your gardening game with Emily Rone's captivating project on building a vertical hanging wall planter. 

Rone takes you through the step-by-step process using reclaimed pallet wood, making it both eco-friendly and cost-effective. The adventure begins with tearing down pallets to obtain the necessary wooden boards. Armed with measurements and markings, you'll learn how to drill holes and cut out spaces for the planters. Sanding the boards ensures a polished finish, ready for the hanging phase. 

Emily's expert guidance includes tips on hook placement and rope threading to ensure stability. And don't worry, she's got you covered on the decorative front too, offering suggestions for real or faux plants to bring your wall planter to life. 

So roll up your sleeves, gather your tools, and turn a garden wall into a living masterpiece. Get tutorial here

4. Upcycled Giant Garden Markers

In her article, Cindy presents an engaging DIY project that involves creating giant garden markers using upcycled aluminum cans. Inspired by her gardening journey, Cindy decides to honor her resilient plants by making personalized markers.

The process includes cutting and flattening the aluminum cans, followed by folding and embossing intricate lines on the metal sheets. To give the markers a rustic appeal, Cindy applies a faux oxidized copper finish and writes plant information using a permanent marker. The markers are then sealed with gloss varnish and attached to repurposed wood scraps.

This creative and sustainable project allows readers to add a personal touch to their gardens while making use of discarded materials. It's a wonderful way to celebrate plant resilience and enhance the overall aesthetics of a garden space. Get tutorial here

5. Stone Mosaic Garden Path

Join Kendall K. on a captivating journey as she unveils her transformation of an ordinary concrete walkway into a breathtaking stone mosaic garden path.

Prepare the area and establish a solid foundation, setting the stage for the creation of a stunning visual masterpiece. Delicately arrange an array of stones in various colors and shapes, allowing your creativity to flourish. As time passes, the path will cure, revealing its mesmerizing allure.

Kendall's inspiring project serves as a guide, encouraging you to embark on your own walkway transformation. Not only will it enhance the aesthetic appeal of your garden, but it will also create a unique and personalized feature that sets your home apart.  Get tutorial here

6. DIY Wood Garden Bridge

What started as a simple prop for a safari-themed party quickly transformed into a stunning centerpiece for this DIY enthusiast's own yard.

This project takes you through the materials required and provides a step-by-step guide to constructing a charming garden bridge from scratch. From creating the sturdy base and attaching corner posts to adding slats, side rails, and ramps, every detail is covered.

This DIY project is your chance to unleash your creativity and construct a functional and visually striking garden bridge that will infuse your outdoor space with character. Get tutorial here

7. Stacked Planter Fountain

Get ready to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature right outside your door. In this post by Red's Rustic Rehab, you'll discover an enchanting fountain project that will turn your ordinary backyard into a serene paradise.

Over the course of just three days, this passionate gardener constructed a mesmerizing water feature with affordable materials such as resin pots and a fountain pump. Clear instructions and valuable tips will guide you effortlessly through the assembly process.

Once completed, all that's left is to add your favorite flowers, sit back, and enjoy the tranquil ambiance created by the soothing sounds of flowing water. Get tutorial here

8. Homemade Planter to Hide a Hose

Get ready to embark on a thrilling DIY adventure with Montross Made. With just a handful of materials and a couple of hours, you can make a planter box that not only conceals your hose but also becomes a stunning focal point of your garden.

The step-by-step instructions will guide you effortlessly through the process, from planning and cutting to assembly and attachment. Discover the secrets of incorporating wire mesh and creating a clever door for easy hose access. And to elevate the aesthetics of the planters, paint them to match your unique style.

Say goodbye to those unsightly hose reels and embrace this ingenious DIY solution. Get tutorial here

9. Cinder Block DIY Outdoor Seating

Artsy Pretty Plants has an incredible DIY project that will revolutionize your outdoor area: the cinder block bench. This bench is not just a place to sit; it's a statement piece that combines aesthetics with functionality.

The tutorial dives into the crucial aspect of site preparation, offering expert advice on leveling the bench to perfection. But that's not all—you'll discover the endless possibilities of cinder blocks as a versatile building material and explore a range of affordable outdoor furniture ideas.

The post even shares invaluable tips on materials, sizing, cleaning, and painting the blocks, ensuring you have all the knowledge to create a stunning masterpiece.

Get ready to be inspired and create something truly extraordinary! Get tutorial here