Need soundproof (or reducing) fence idea

Jennie O
by Jennie O
does anyone have a good suggestion for a noise barrier between two homes? I want to put up a fence, but noise is an issue and I think there must be a way to do some sort of insulated fence that might cut down on the noise. is there any such thing? I was even thinking maybe a double stockade with styrofoam panels between might help....
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  • insulated - no, not really & if done incorrectly could lead to a lot of rot or mold issues The best is a stone or block fence that is higher than the noise source which will help deflect the sound back (sound travels in a linear fashion) Next on the list would be a vinyl or wood fence though the sound can travel through it but at a diminished level - the more gaps the more noise will get through Bushes are also good at blocking noise - the thicker the better Completely worthless - chain link (even with metal strips)
  • Any fence will slow down the noise level but most will reflect it back into the area it surrounds. The trick is to soften the face of the fence. This is done naturally, Plant small trees and bushes that will absorb the noise level. As they age and get larger, they will only get better at this task. Natural fences also can be planted, but these take years to establish themselves and are costly.
  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Dec 15, 2012
    You did not mention what type of noise? a lawn mower, loud music, barking dog. there may be a way to prevent the noise in the first place.
  • Chips Landscaping Chips Landscaping on Dec 16, 2012
    We have this question posed often in our backyard designs as well as outdoor restaurant seating. We suggest "green" alternatives that give back more than take from the environment. Although technology has come a long way in sound proof barriers...we truly believe berms (slightly elevated ground level) with site compatible shrubbery is a natural way to approach this while adding additional value to your property in aesthetics. Think dense shrubs planted on diagonals to allow for growth habit. We recently used hemlocks for a backyard barrier with great suggest. Good quality for visual and sound barriers. Consider what seasonal interest you always...then from dense habitat, spreading deciduous such as lilac and get fragrance as a bonus. We stay away from dense plastic based fencing..reduces much needed airflow in backyard and creates more problems than solutions. Will you eliminate all can reduce and absorb naturally. Good Luck!
  • We had a similar problem with a project on a busy road. Our soultion was a combination of a tall fence (in our case we were allowed to install a 12' cedar fence) planting fast growing evergreens and a pondless waterfall (which creates sound that covers traffic noise very well). You can see the waterfall that is outside the pool.
  • We back up to a large highway and it is far enough away so a fence really didn't help with the noise. We installed a pond with two high volume pumps and now we have something beautiful to look at plus something nice to listen to that cuts down on the noise! A beautiful water feature might just be the answer to your problem!