Black birds in my attic!

Julie Scavitti
by Julie Scavitti
I am wondering if anyone knows how to get rid of black birds that have made a nest in the attic?
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  • Nay Nay on Jun 15, 2014
    Find out the location in the attic where the birds are getting into the space. Either remove the birds by net and set them free or wait till a cooler season then they may not be nesting. If you are a diy person, search online how to seal up the hole, if not contact a contractor and pay to have it fixed. We has a problem once, and fixed it after hearing animal sounds in the attic, it was simple enough. Good Luck.
    • Julie Scavitti Julie Scavitti on Jun 15, 2014
      Thanks Nay! I know exactly where they are! Lol right above my bedroom! They had babies at one point. I'm not sure if the babies stay on with the parents or not. I think I will contact the wildlife people here and see what they say also. The hole where they got in is pretty big. I was shocked when I seen it.
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Jun 16, 2014
    Once you have birds birth in a place, they will keep returning! You can't do much about it on the outside of your house, but you can seal up the holes where they can't get into the attic. I have 2 arches and if I hang a basket in the first arch, the birds destroy it making a nest year after year and never bother the basket in the second arch...very strange! I refuse to buy basket for the first so I have no idea where they are going these days! The basket in the second arch is in perfect condition after 4 weeks! ????
  • Julie Scavitti Julie Scavitti on Jun 16, 2014
    Ooooo lovely Jeanette! Lol I guess I am in for a long process then! The worst part for me is that they are right over my head in the attic and these birds are not exactly quite! My poor cats sit on my bed and lookatthe ceceiling every morning and night when they are settling in for bed! Its funny but not funny!