How do I get rid of fleas in my home my carpet and my pets?

Lisa Wright
by Lisa Wright
My carpets are infested with fleas I've tried everything and nothing seems to work.
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  • Snapoutofit Snapoutofit on Oct 07, 2016
    1. take pets out of house, to vet to be groomed and treated for fleas and given flea shot. 2. while out of the house for the day, set off several flea bombs. 3. Vacuum everything and wash everything. 4. In a week (or whatever the can says) set off another flea bomb.
    • Johnchip Johnchip on Oct 07, 2016
      The bombs is the best way, use enough, and follow all the other cleaning instructions and with pets, and repeat.
  • Darlenestrenn Darlenestrenn on Oct 07, 2016
    flea & tick powder for carpets etc. after vacuuming dispose of debris outside of house
  • Mary Mary on Oct 07, 2016
    Sprinkle carpets with a mixture of salt and borax let sit most of the day and vacuume, may need to repeat every few days for a short while
    • Sandra Allen Sandra Allen on Oct 07, 2016
      Yes. Bombs are designed to not work well so you keep buying them. They are toxic and ineffectual. Salt work. Also check this out... Homemade Flea Trap Using Soap and Light: Some of the most effective “traps” for killing insects are made with ingredients already in your home. Since fleas are attracted to light, this trap is simple and inexpensive enough so you can make as many as you need. To make a homemade flea trap, you will need. Several pie plates or similar (large bowl with low sides) Dish soap A candle, tealight, nightlight or other light source Fill the pie plates with water and about 2 tablespoons of dish soap. Depending on what light source you are using, place the candle in the center of the plate or shine the light directly above the plate (but be careful when using water and electricity in close proximity.) The idea is to force the fleas to enter the bowl of soapy water (which renders them unable to jump, then they drown) as they quest towards the bright light oasis. When used in conjunction with other methods, this flea trap is very effective at killing adult
  • Cheryl Norman Cheryl Norman on Oct 07, 2016
    I use 7 dust (available in garden centers) sprinkle it all over the yard. I also used it on carpet, vacuumed it outafter a couple of hours. Adams flea spray for your pet is the best .Shampoo and apply.
  • Khaverfield Khaverfield on Oct 07, 2016
    I know it sounds weird but it works.Put a bowl of water with a touch of dish soap on the floor next to a night light.In the morning you will see the bowl full of dead fleas.For some reason they go to the light and do all the things people say above too all together it should rid you of fleas
  • Tina Tina on Oct 07, 2016
    We had the same problem last fall. Vacuum vacuum vacuum!!!! We did flea bombs once weekly for a month and vacuumed twice a day. Empty vacuum cleaner out side immediately after each use. It takes some time to completely eradicate them because the flea eggs hatch in 2 weeks so you've got to get them as they hatch. Good luck!!! I know it's miserable but they can be conquered.
  • Adrian Manning Adrian Manning on Oct 08, 2016
    bin the pet ,
  • Brad Mildern Brad Mildern on Oct 08, 2016
    OUr whole neighborhood had a plague of them. They breed in the grass. No good treating just inside the house. Used powder, then flea spray, Citronella, then bombs (several times) sprayed the yard, then gave up and called the pest control man. One spray of the entire yard and house for $100 and we havent had a flea in two years
  • Betty Radford Betty Radford on Oct 08, 2016
    Get diatomaceous earth it kills bedbugs, fleas, and anything else crawling around. Safe for humans, you can get it at hardware stores
  • Bonnie Knight Bonnie Knight on Oct 08, 2016
    I had this problem when I had a dog (several flea baths for her), I bombed my house twice, vacuumed daily, and cleaned my carpets once a week for a month - because of the different stages of flea development. Worked for me.
  • Patricia Goldbach Patricia Goldbach on Oct 08, 2016
    Lots of vacuuming and baking soda sprinkled around the edges of the room.
  • Pat9709398 Pat9709398 on Oct 08, 2016
    Firstly get your house fumigated, then add tea tree oil to your dog's shampoo. Bathe your dog from head to tail and everything between and underneath. This should help get rid of the fleas on your dog. Get all this done fast as your dog can get very sick from the fleas.
  • Theresa Bossom McGuire Theresa Bossom McGuire on Oct 08, 2016
    Use flea treatment on pets. Then strip the beds and set off bug bombs in your home. All people and pets will need to be gone for several hours while it works. We had fleas really bad in our home last summer and this took care of them.
  • Robin Fanning Robin Fanning on Oct 08, 2016
    Boric acid on carpets and under cushions(vacuum carpets after about an hour) for pets bathe in dawn dish mixed with some peppermint, orange, & lemon essentials oil.
  • Lis12445185 Lis12445185 on Oct 08, 2016
    Buy a box of 20 Muleteam BORAX at your grocery store (with cleaning products). Pour into a mason jar, poke holes in lid. Sprinkle in your pet's bedding, your carpet, between the cushions of upholstered furniture. It will not kill fleas, but it dries up the eggs, so it takes a full cycle to eliminate them. I reapplied maybe monthly in case new fleas came in from outside, used for years.
    • Robyn Harkey Robyn Harkey on Oct 10, 2016
      Actually it does kill fleas & anything else with an exoskeleton! I haven't had a flea, roach, ant or spider in years because of Borax! The tiny particles have tiny barbs that stick to them & kill them! Borax is the best!!
  • Kat10044299 Kat10044299 on Oct 08, 2016
    Best thing that works is Tea Tree Oil- inexpensive at Walmart- Put a teaspoon in a spray bottle with cool water and spray on where ever- Bed Bugs and fleas hate it -melts their shells, and kills them- bugs seem to run from it-
  • Shirley Kalinosky Shirley Kalinosky on Oct 08, 2016
    Last summer, we went to Petco and bought sprays called Zodiac. Couldn't bomb the house, we have African Violets, so we vacuumed really well first, took out all the afghans, throwrugs and washed them, threw away throw pillows from LR, sprayed everything with sprays left the house for 3 hours came back opened the windows left again for another hour and a half and nothing left. Our new cat has Revolution that I put on his neck once a month. The fleas last year killed our first cat by sucking him of his red blood cells. He only had 13% left when we got him to the hospital. He was there 2 days and had to have a blood transfusion. He never fully recovered as the fleas had given him anemia. He passed last Sept and we waited until this Jan to get another cat. Never again with fleas, or I will burn down the house....accidentally, of course!
  • Jmi9947964 Jmi9947964 on Oct 08, 2016
    Definitely use powdered Boric Acid. I have a rescue home for cats and we use it when we bring in a new cat. It is non-toxic and quick. I wouldn't eat it but it won't hurt animals in their normal grooming activities. It can be found in the insecticides at Home Depot as Roach Killer.
  • Linda Pierce Linda Pierce on Oct 08, 2016
    Get some Diatomaceous Earth (available at any farm supply store or online); feed a tiny bit in your pets food and rub it on their fur. They will lick it off for flea repellent. For your carpets, shake table salt liberally onto carpets, leave on for 24 hours, then vacuum and repeat one more time. Be sure to throw away your vacuum cleaner bag after vacuuming up each time you put the salt on it. Yes, you can walk on your carpets while the salt is on them. Use latex gloves to wipe DE onto your pets. Both of these solutions worked for us very very well.
  • Sheorl Sheorl on Oct 08, 2016
    Put a bowl of of soapy water under night lights without shield) in the sockets of the room. The fleas will jump at the light and get burned and fall into the soapy water, from which they can't escape. You can keep these in the sockets indefinitely if this is a continual problem. You will be surprised at how many fleas will be in the bowl each morning.
    • Fre7743769 Fre7743769 on Oct 08, 2016
      Do the same thing in the middle of the floor using a gooseneck adjustable lamp. Position the light over the middle of a pie plate of soapy water
  • Jerry Jackson Jerry Jackson on Oct 08, 2016
    One of the big problems with vacuuming is that the eggs remain. Poison multiple times might help, but IMO that's not the healthiest way to handle the problem. What you might try is shampooing the carpet(s) and rinsing with clear water to which you add some vinegar. Vinegar will damage the eggs of the fleas, and should prevent them from hatching.
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    • Robyn Harkey Robyn Harkey on Oct 10, 2016
      So true! It's the best!!
  • Msc12149616 Msc12149616 on Oct 08, 2016
    and after it's all gone and done, prevention is well worth it :)
  • Carol Fredette Carol Fredette on Oct 08, 2016
    Seven dust. found in the garden supply section. Sprinkle on the floors and don't vacuum for a month. fleas hatch every 10 days.
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    • Carol Fredette Carol Fredette on Oct 08, 2016
      The chemical name for Sevin is Malathion. In the powder name it is sold as Sevin Powder, in the liquid form it is sold as Malathion Spray. It is the chemical used in Head Lice Treatments and several other treatments such as bed bugs because it does not have an effect on warm blooded mammals, but is deadly to insects. Farmers use it in poultry houses, on livestock such as goats, horses, cows, sheep and even the house cat and farm dog to prevent ticks and fleas. Today, It is used on virtually all fruit and olives to protect the fruit from maggots. In 1980, Mediterranean Fruit Flys infested the Los Angeles City area. The entire Los Angeles Area was sprayed with Malathion from the air to kill the Med. Fruit Fly before the fly could spread and ruin half the nations fruit source. A Los Angeles city councilman drank a glass of Malathion Spray at a council meeting to show that it was safe for humans. He didn't have any ill effects, nor did the city of Los Angeles residents.. I would not recommend copying the councilman's stunt though.
  • Beverly Johnson Beverly Johnson on Oct 08, 2016
    Another natural remedy is to sprinkle salt, yes regular table salt, on your carpet, let it sit for 3-4 days then vacuum. What the salt does is dry out the fleas and their eggs and they die. I would repeat monthly. I also give my dogs Comfortis. They are tablets that kill fleas within 30 minutes and last for 30 days. Hope this helps.
  • Sophia,M.,McConnery Sophia,M.,McConnery on Oct 08, 2016
    Also make a solution of water and 10 drops of tea tree oil.All bugs hate this!
  • Nye11640914 Nye11640914 on Oct 08, 2016
    Food grade Diatemacous Earth is natural and won't harm pets or kids. Sprinkle it everywhere..vaccum every few days and resprinkle..Repeat. Can even put directly pets.
  • Valorie Wells Fenton Valorie Wells Fenton on Oct 08, 2016
    Online you can buy a fine powder called FOOD GRADE DIAMITAECEOUS EARTH. It's what food manufacturers use to keep flour from caking plus it kills any bug with an exoskeleton line fleas, ants and silverfish. Important to buy only food grade, not the kind used in pool filters. It's easy and harmless to pets and people.
  • Barbara C Barbara C on Oct 08, 2016
    Call an exterminator. they can envelope the area and spray to kill fleas and eggs.Almost impossible for you to do it yourself.
  • Maxine Waller Maxine Waller on Oct 08, 2016
    I would get a professional to come in.
  • Leise Leise on Oct 08, 2016
    put a flea collar in your vacuum cleaner 'bag' and vacuum every day... they feed on the animal, live in the carpet... had a terrible infestation several years ago, didn't like putting chemicals on the pet... it worked... dispose of bag and put another collar in bag... don't forget to activate collar.
  • Carol Fredette Carol Fredette on Oct 08, 2016
    Diatomaceous Earth is also good. But will take longer to work than Sevin dust and none of these powders are harmful to pets. I raised dogs for 30 years and found this to be a great help. Also if u have fleas in the house. U have them outside also. Spread the powder outdoors also.
  • Susan Susan on Oct 08, 2016
    All you have to do is get the bombs. Simple.
  • Cmalaya2 Cmalaya2 on Oct 08, 2016
    i live out in the country. I always use diatomaceous earth but you need to go to an organic gardening place to buy it because it must be FOOD GRADE! you can put it in your vacuum cleaner, spread it around the house, and don't forget to sprinkle it around the house as well. it will take a while but it will work. i also sprinkle it on my dogs bed and kennel.
    • Bonny Batchelor Bonny Batchelor on Oct 08, 2016
      Home Depot, Lowes any garden center sells DE. It is food grade and you're not paying out the nose at some "organic" joint.
  • Shari Shari on Oct 08, 2016
    first put Frontline Plus or Revolution or similar on your pets. I used a product made by Hot Shot , Bedbug and Flea killer. works great and I never had a problem with it staining anything. You must repeat the Hot Shot in a week or two to kill the eggs etc.
  • Diana Deiley Diana Deiley on Oct 08, 2016
    Our two 'indoor' cats had a bad case of fleas. I was horrified. Bought the spray and sprayed the entire house, carpet stuff daily BUT gave both cats several baths with Dawn dish soap and warm water. Combed them nightly. Finally got rid of them. Best of luck.
  • Pat Croley Pat Croley on Oct 08, 2016
    Get rid of the fleas on your animals first with a good medication that will kill the fleas when they bite. Then use boric acid on your carpets or call a good bug man to kill them. We use Trifexis for our 3 fur babies and never ever have fleas out here in the suberbs. Keeps the fleas off the animals and if one is tracked in on our socks, etc. it will soon die as it bites one of them.
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    • Robyn Harkey Robyn Harkey on Oct 11, 2016
      I'm so happy you still have a healthy pet after giving them Trifexis but it was on the news just a couple weeks ago about a lot of deaths because of it!! The main man the story was about even went so far as to put a message on the back of his suv's window saying" Trifexis killed my dog" because it was such a horrible painful death for his dog!!! Not all animals react the same way to medication so you are lucky but don't say it's not harmful at all because for some it is!!!
  • Charlotte Charlotte on Oct 08, 2016
    Do the bombs really work as the top comment suggests? Has anyone else tried it? It's pretty easy if it really kills the larva - do you repeat the bombing in a week?
  • Marne Marne on Oct 09, 2016
    DIatomatecous earth! Powder up your pets, use it as a carpet treatment just like "carpet fresh" you can even spread it in your yard with a seed/fertilizer spreader if it's not going to rain for a couple of days it kills anything with an exoskeleton and will deter slugs and snails. The best part is that it is completely inert and won't harm kids, pets or plants.
  • Arts Be Crafty Arts Be Crafty on Oct 09, 2016
    We had this problem when we rescued a kitten. She infected our whole house with fleas! After trying everything I went to my vet and they recommended a spray they sold there. I can't remember the name of it but it worked. Also bathe your animals in Dawn dish washing soap (Dawn will kill any fleas on the animal) and get them Soresto flea collars.
  • Jeris Chitwood Jeris Chitwood on Oct 09, 2016
    This is a really old school method, but years ago I had that problem & was told to sprinkle salt on my carpets. Leave for a couple days & retreat if necessary. It worked!
  • Ruthie Wilbur Ruthie Wilbur on Oct 09, 2016
    Salt! ^^^^ Yes, common cheap as you can find salt! The trick though is that you have to move every piece of furniture and salt you carpets quite liberally and then using an broom or a leaf rake, sweep the salt down into the carpet somewhat. Leave the salt in the carpet for 2-3 days, vacuum it up and repeat this process. After that you should only need to salt your "high-traffic" areas where your pets roam. Salt is sharp and it scratches the fleas as the come into contact with each crystal and then the flea starts to dehydrate and die. This works on all 4 stages of fleas and is so incredibly cheap! You can also sprinkle in down in your couch cushions and under them as well. For the fleas on your pets, I highly recommend Comfortis. It runs about $100.00 for a 6 month supply but it will also keep fleas out of your home because the fleas from your home will jump on your pets, bite them and die! It's that good! If you can find a Vet who will give you a script for double your pet's weight, you can break the pills in half and cut your cost by 50%.
  • Touchedpainter Touchedpainter on Oct 09, 2016
    "Diatomaceous earth" also works on other insects, including bed bugs. Even if you don't have them now put on mattress & box spring to prevent. If you have a severe infestation use both together.
  • Anna Felesena Summers Anna Felesena Summers on Oct 10, 2016
    Eucalyptus oil and leaves. You can't use on cats but fine for dogs. The leaves are great for inside of a pet bed. Fleas absolutely hate it. You can find at Walmart
  • Andrea Jackson Andrea Jackson on Oct 10, 2016
    The type of flea powder you use on dogs, sprinkle liberally on the carpet. Use a broom to get it deep in the pile leave a couple of days then vacuum, vacuum, vacuum. Repeat as necessary once a week. You should also vacuum every day.
  • Cyndi Valerino Cyndi Valerino on Oct 11, 2016
    I live in Florida and they love our weather. PLUS I have7 cats and I have always had success with sprinkling borax on the carpets. Let it sit for an hour or so, then vacuum. And vacuum again. Vacuuming is the best way, just make sure to empty your bag/canister!
  • Pat Croley Pat Croley on Oct 11, 2016
    Well, I did not say that.....our 5 dogs have been taking it for several years now. No adverse reactions yet. However, I am allergic to Penicillin which would kill me but saves many. I don't feel lucky at all.....just blessed.
  • Carolyn Carolyn on Oct 13, 2016
    Use "Sea Breeze". Find it in the beauty aisle.
  • Laurie Laurie on Oct 15, 2016
    We had this problem big time and even without carpet. It never gets cold enough to break the flea life cycle so they live year round. We finally bit the bullet and paid for flea pills-they last 30 days, one brand lasts 60 days. This is not the type that also prevents heartworm. At time of starting the pills, we bombed the house x2, put down diatomaceous earth and bathed the dogs ( all 12 are rescues). In week we started to see a dramatic decrease in the flea population. The dogs are ecstatic and so am I! The pills are pricey but worth it. After the first round of pills I found it on line at a steep discount.
    • Cheryl Norman Cheryl Norman on Dec 30, 2016

      I just started my dog on the pill also, I was amazed at how well it worked. We also called the exterminator for the house. I'm glad to say we are flea free.

  • Anna Felesena Summers Anna Felesena Summers on Oct 16, 2016
    I previously mentioned that eucalyptus oil works, and it does. But I think it is more of a preventative measure than getting rid of the problem. I JUST had fleas, and ended up getting the house sprayed. As I found out that it was included in my bimonthly service. I get a bimonthly service from a company called Action Pest Control. I first was using yearly for a termite inspection/ guarantee( if any found I don't have to pay for the removal) but was told that the fee of the yearly is waved if you get the bimonthly service. It includes fleas, spiders, ants, even mice! I was so excited to learn that fleas were included in the service. My point is that they are GONE!! I am guaranteed that the current ones and their eggs are gone. So I definitely recommend having it done professionally. As I was talking with my guy who comes to the house to spray, he said that store bought bombs can work on the current situation of fleas but 99% don't kill the eggs. So by the time you spent with going thru that twice and the hassle, it's simply easier to call in the professional. Trust me it's worth it!!
  • Shirley Kalinosky Shirley Kalinosky on Oct 16, 2016
    I still recommend the Zodiac sprays from Petco. They were wonderful and worked!
  • Cheryl Pemberton Cheryl Pemberton on Dec 29, 2016

    In Prunedale, CA the sand fleas are everywhere; being on the Monterey Bay, they never freeze. I have been using flea powder (just regular doggie flea powder) for years; those of us who do, are the ONLY ones in our neighborhood who are rid of them! Be sure to get a GOOD vacuum, and use it daily! You can also put down pest killer on your lawn, under the house & arond it.

  • Beverly Johnson Beverly Johnson on Dec 30, 2016

    What worked for me & my 2 dogs is sprinkling regular table salt in your carpets, let it set for a day or two, then vacuum well. The salt dehydrates them and they die. It's a natural way to kill and control the fleas. As far as the dogs go, I buy the non-heartworm flea pills and they work well.

  • Ndh13715405 Ndh13715405 on Dec 30, 2016

    Mix up pine sol rather strong kills fleas and house smells clean.

  • Stephie McCarthy Stephie McCarthy on Jun 27, 2020

    If you put a small dish of water near a night light, you will find many drowned fleas I the morning! We've been able to eliminate them that way. We also shampoo our dog with the same type of product that is used to control lice. We add that same chemical to dog shampoo that has an oatmeal base. Let it sit on him for 10 minutes and then rinse it off.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Jan 10, 2023

    Maybe get rid of carpets and replace with Lino etc. or something that won't harbour the Fleas, besides having your animals treated every year for Flea prevention.