Asked on Mar 01, 2012

I found two snakeskins hanging in my basement. Assuming their former owners are still there, how do i get rid of them?

by John
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  • 3po3 3po3 on Mar 01, 2012
    I wouldn't necessarily assume the snakes are still in your basement. They were just there once, but if there aren't mice and such for them to feed on, they probably moved on. Your best bet is to find any holes where a snake might have entered, and seal them off.
  • You should get a pest professional in there for you, One to see if the snake is poisonous and two to check around to see if its still there. With cooler weather then tend to move indoors for heat and for the fuzzy critters they love so much to feed upon. Mice.
  • If there are snakes, there is a possibility that your home is a sanctity for them as they may have access to food (rats), and shelter (basement) Call the pest control and make sure you clean up the area. DO not have stacked piles of wood or anything that will look like a warm haven for critters and crawlers. Some interesting snake stories from hometalk members - PS:I am not a big fan of snakes.
  • Denise S Denise S on Mar 02, 2012
  • Donna H Donna H on Mar 02, 2012
    If it's a crawl space basement, I'd let them be. They'll help keep mice and other vermin away. If it's in a finished basement, then you need to find where they were getting in.
  • Debbie B Debbie B on Mar 02, 2012
    We've had a snake in our house three different times over the 27 years we've lived here. Once it was when we removed a pile of cut wood from near the foundation. It must have been living in the pile and found a crack in the old foundation to get into the house. The second time a snake was making its way up an pipe/cable by wrapping around it (which would explain why yours were hanging). Our house is over 130 yrs old so there are probably breaks in the foundation that we haven't yet spotted. They need shelter. If you have shrubs or debris near the foundation they may be living in them. They are just garden snakes in our case. Not poisonous....just creepy.
  • Ruth K Ruth K on Mar 02, 2012
    untill you get a professional there you can place moth ball in areas like near the stairs ,washer,dryer,etc where you really dont want them. Moth ball will not kill them but they will not get near them. It drives them away. On the farm we would put them under the porch etc. Snakes are good for rodent control. !!
  • Aubrey L Aubrey L on Mar 02, 2012
    I would follow the advice given above by Woodbridge Environment.
  • Sandra H Sandra H on Mar 02, 2012
    I agree with Ruth. Snakes are not really harmful. They eat rodents and bugs we don't like, so be kind. They will stay out of your way mostly, so just pay attention where you put your feet. We have rat snakes that prowl our backyard and storeroom and are happy to have them. If you are worried they might be poisonous, take the skins to your vet or to your local landscaper or your state park officer. Sometimes knowledge is power and will give you confidence to let the little snakes have a nice life keeping your home rodent-less!
  • Sarah F Sarah F on Mar 02, 2012
    We kept getting garter snakes in our siding at our old home. I don't mind them in the yard but the siding was too close for comfort. We found a product call Dr. T's Snake A Way it's a natural snake repellant. I don't know if you can use it inside or not though. Once you find where they are coming in though you could treat the area with it. I hate snakes, but they are useful.
  • Ann T Ann T on Mar 02, 2012
    NO WAY!!.......I would SELL the house and move!! ha ha...I do NOT do snakes!!!!
  • Paula A Paula A on Mar 02, 2012
    I've lived in my home now 35 years ---we have spotted adders---not a fun thing---this year we are tearinbg the whole backside of our house off over the crawl space and see if we can get rid of them once and for all---drives us nuts and they are not little. They are all over the place---attic included.
  • Janet C Janet C on Mar 02, 2012
    We live in a farm area and have snakes come into our outside buildings all during the summer, make sure the snakes are out and then around the perimeter on the outside of your house spread sulfur powder. One application should get you through the summer. They hate it and will not cross over it. You can get it at any lawn and garden shop. Hope this helps.
  • Pam C Pam C on Mar 02, 2012
    I have found very long snake skins in my basement. Am confident they are from black snakes. The basements not finished and only used for storage. As long as the snakes stay in the basement, how of sight , out of mind....
  • Maria C Maria C on Mar 02, 2012
    Sell the house
  • Walter Reeves Walter Reeves on Mar 02, 2012
    If you are worried they are still there (not very likely) you can staple some glue boards (made to capture rats and mice) to a 2' x 2' piece of plywood. Place the plywood next to the wall in a spot away from where any vibrations/commotion occurs in the basement. Snakes naturally avoid vibrations. Check the trap every day. If you catch one, take the board outside and pour vegetable oil over the snake to release it from the glue.
  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Mar 02, 2012
    Not all snakes are Mouse eaters..some do frogs, insects etc. finding out what type of snake is there is the first step...then you can tackle eliminating the entry points and / or Food source(s). A + B =C...its a combined approach.
  • Laura G Laura G on Mar 02, 2012
    I think the snakes probably came in for refuge while they shed their skin because they are vulnerable from other predators while they are going through this process. However, they are also attracted to food sources so you might have a rat or mouse population in or around your basement. I would definitely get an exterminator to check it out. No sense in taking a chance at getting bit by a poisonous snake because you accidentally move a box. I recommend you watch Billy the Exterminator, as crazy as the show is, it's got a lot of information, especially on how to get rid of animals humanely. Good luck...not a fan of snakes either...yuck!
  • Catherine S Catherine S on Mar 02, 2012
    I'm sorry, but are you folks all forgetting about that house in Idaho that was right on top of a snake pit and they couldn't be got rid of? Serious real estate nightmare.
  • Jean J Jean J on Mar 02, 2012
    You can spead lime in the basement they will not cross it
  • Diane B Diane B on Mar 02, 2012
    We live in a heavily wooded area in Georgia and see snake skins quite often, We renovated our bathroom a couple of years ago and when they took out the soaking tube there was 6 (six) snakes skins. The tub had never been installed properly! Lime is the best deterrent and its also useful in the soil. Get a book on snakes and educate yourself!
  • Chris S Chris S on Mar 02, 2012
    Learn to live with it. Don't ever move to Arizona. We have 12 different kinds of rattlesnakes, plus Gila Monsters, coral snakes, and scorpions. You just get used to it. We have had rattlesnakes in the garage, scorpions in the kitchen and tarantulas on the patio.
  • Ruth K Ruth K on Mar 03, 2012
    and don't forget some snakes are protected...against the law to kill them. But you really do need to find someone to identify them for you. If harmeless leave them be, they will do more good than harm
  • Keller Pest Control Keller Pest Control on Mar 13, 2012
    The first thing I would do is move but since thats a little over the top. There are a few things you can do to prevent them. First remove all clutter and any thing the snakes can hide around or might be a good nesting area for rodents. Then try to seal up openings which is more difficult with snakes. There is an item called snake a way which is rather expensive. A inexpensive alternative is crush mothballs and spread around home and if you have a crawl space in the crawl space also. Larger glue boards will trap snakes pretty easily.
  • Shirley R Shirley R on Apr 08, 2012
    The only good snake is a DEAD ONE!!!!
  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Apr 09, 2012
    Snakes are part of the ecosystem just like mice, squirrels cockroaches, and just need to keep them where the belong...which is Outside of your house.
  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Feb 15, 2023

    Call in someone who knows about snakes for advice etc.