Can I get rid of weeds without using dangerous chemicals?


To avoid using chemicals that can cause cancer what home remedies can I use

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  • Fran Henry Fran Henry on Aug 16, 2018

    I use vinegar, water, dawn dish detergent, and Epsom salt. Spray twice and they die the next day.

  • Sandra Fedako Sandra Fedako on Aug 16, 2018

    White vinegar spray.

  • Tonya Tonya on Aug 16, 2018

    Pure vinegar. Just don't get on surrounding plants you don't want to die.

  • Kathryn Kathryn on Aug 17, 2018

    vinegar straight from the bottle. salt. boiling water. any of these separately. just make sure you don't kill things you don't want to kill.

  • Kim Kim on Aug 19, 2018

    Boiling water works wonders. It is an indiscriminate killer though and will kill all it touches.


  • 1401470 1401470 on Aug 19, 2018

    Yes it just takes longer, vinegar is always my go to product and after a good rain I always pull weeds root and all because they come right out of the ground.