Something eating my confederate roses.

Juanita Wood
by Juanita Wood
I have 2 Confederate Rose bushes and all of the buds have holes in them like something is eating them. I have even found worms in some of the stems. What can I do to protect them that is organic.
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  • What I use is good old ivory dish soap squirted in some warm water in an empty spray bottle and give those babies a shower of soapy water. let it sit on them and rinse and repeat. Soap usually kills many bugs and it is not going to hurt the soil. do not do this in the full sun if it is hot-wait til dusk or early in morning. good luck
  • Douglas Hunt Douglas Hunt on Sep 07, 2014
    For the worms or caterpillars, you can use Bt, which is approved for use in organic gardens.
  • Juanita Wood Juanita Wood on Sep 07, 2014
    Thank you Douglas, I will try that.