How do I get rid of Johnson grass?

We have so much of Johnson grass that we need to get rid of. Gosh, they are invasive. I tried pulling them out including roots but there are so much of them. My husband burned them but the roots are still there. Help. Thanks.

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  • Jeremy Hoffpauir Jeremy Hoffpauir on Apr 10, 2019

    This product worked the best for me and specifically made for Johnson grass.

    Hope it helps.

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Apr 10, 2019

    The more you remove the tops the more the roots grow! ROUND-UP just follow safety instructions they are on bottle for a reason-it has always said it's hazardous. Put some food coloring in it so you can see where you are spraying,do not get in wet solution,do not spray in breeze/wind,cut off the weeds/grass & when it begins to regrow then spray the new growth 2-4"s tall,spray low down onto leaves directly-it is absorbed thru leaves into stalks then into root sytem killing plant. When you remove tops try not to spread any more of the seeds heads bag and throw in trash or burn.Get the concentrate and mix your own it's cheaper and better. Repeat spraying when ever you see any new leaves/plants growing, keep on top of it and soon you'll be rid of it. You probably have alot of seeds in ground since it looks pretty bad,you can spread corn gluten granules it is used as preemergent the seeds will not germinate but nothing else will either,so need to determine if you want to continue with spot spraying Round-up,hand pulling new,using preemergent?depends where all this is...large gravel area,lawn,veggie patch???? looks like a mess probably should have done this much sooner,it's not impossible just going to take some time. when you get it under control you could switch to 1gallon vinegar 1 gallon lemon juice 2 cups salt mix well spray in direct hot sun this kills everything and nothing will can't use it just anywhere.since there is so much/grass you need the Round-Up this vinegar mix will not irradicate the root system under ground,and with Round-Up you can replant after. Both ways have pluses & minuses.

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    • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Apr 10, 2019

      Using a propane torch may also help- late winter is a better time for torching,but be warned that some studies suggest this actually encourages re-growth especially when done in the spring.

  • Deb K Deb K on Apr 10, 2019

    Hi Amy, Prevent spread of rhizomes from infested to uninfested areas. Kill or weaken established plants and their underground rhizome system. Prevent production of seed and its spread to new areas. Use fall tillage to bring rhizomes to soil surface, where they may be killed by winter conditions. MAKE SURE YOU BURN OR GARBAGE ROOTS (rhizomes) or they will root and grow back

    • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on Apr 10, 2019

      Tilling is effective providing that you remove all of the rhizomes 4-6"s deep (don't just chop them up with a tiller or you will end up with a thousand more little starter rhizomes). Even that's a bad idea, because Johnson grass thrives where there has recently been a soil disturbance.