How can I get rid of seven acres of weeds ?


I have a small seven acre hobby farm. Two horses stayed here this summer and enjoyed the grass but now all I have is 7 acres of weeds. How can I kill them off this fall? I tried spot-treatments like vinegar, salt, various herbicides, but still have an enormous field of weeds. Can I get rid of these and start fresh in the spring? Even if it means I have bare land next summer and replant the following year. Thanks!

I live in western Canada, cold winters with some Chinook winds, and often very dry summers.

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    • Cheryl Cheryl on Oct 28, 2018

      Yeah, I have heard they eat anything. Ight be worth a shot.

  • Liz Liz on Oct 27, 2018

    your soil might need the minerals being supplied by the weeds. crowd it out with pasture grass seeds.

    • Cheryl Cheryl on Oct 28, 2018

      thanks, Liz. I had considered this, so it’s worth a try.

  • Dwp7470b Dwp7470b on Oct 27, 2018

    In Brief

    Wow. I complained .15 acres of weeds was alot...God be with you Ma'am.

    That is alot of acres. You may want to get in touch with your nearest Fire Department about a Controlled Burn or possibly a Pig or Goat Farmer about some Manures And seriously consider planting an Orchard or Seven.

    Likely you yet need to cut the tops of the weeds by setting your blade on the mower much lower, and sort those for burning OR Compost.

    In Length

    Some weeds are useful and earn premiums for the roots: Dandelion among.

    Some however rank as wildflower, and you can actually get these 'Weed Seeds' in the 'Butterfly Mixes'.

    How you got them does not alter how you get rid of them:

    Weeds need Air, Water and Light as anything else. Depriving they of that, they die.

    Unfortunately, 7 acres is alot of ground to cover with old carpets, dollar tree carpets, skids or pallets, plastic or paper bags as traditional solutions to suffocate them. Usuals like Salt and Leftover Grease? Nope, unless you have a Husband with an Extreme Cholesterol Problem, You just cannot do. Maybe contact McDonalds or Burger King Management? Ummm, Doubtful that one Franchise can come through with 7 acres of grease at a Moment's Notice.

    White Vinegar and Rocksalt at the Roots? UMMM Nope.

    Ordinarily You do best with either:

    1. Painter Paper Rolls 250 ft. Each but even there the expense for 7 acres is immense.

    2. Laying down Hay or Straw can in layers obstruct the Light so that many weeds die over the winter, just like bricks or stones do

    3. Pebbles or shale.

    but 7 acres? Yeah. Right. 'Good Luck' is truly an Understatement of what the task entails that elimates Options 1 and 3, and what you need is Patience coping with:

    '7 acres is alot of weeds, ma'am' says the 9 year old boy who applies for the $300 job next spring, 'This ain't no Prairie anymore, this is a Prayerie Ma'am', says his slightly older and slightly wiser brother.

    It is likely too late in the year to let your Grass grow in Canada to a length long enough to just use grass cuttings instead of hay or Straw to suffocate them. You can to try to reduce the expense of: Hard to find up to 63 bales of hay (9 bales per acre) or straw this late too.


    This seems to be without resolve except a difference to how you distribute resources and use the land.

    Easily, landscapers can quote a $300000 Estimate that consumes $14000 of Resources for that 'More Instant Gratification' to finish in 20 days or less by they, rather than: By you with Patience across the next 4 years, keep that by: you set priority to devote your land to specific necessities and positive outcomes.

    You need a plan...

    You definitely need to devote some land to hay next year, and on, enough for 63 bales plus have a storehouse for that hay to dry too. About .56 acres of hay should do. Plus, as Placing hay over weeds, really unfortunately does rot and The hay when it rots will be a fertilizer for any of the surviving weeds plus hayseed can also take more easily than grass...Gosh to grow hay you need hay to start.

    So, firstly you yet need to cut the tops of the weeds this year and early in the spring by setting your blade on the mower much lower, and sprinkle grass seed behind you as you mow. If you do not have a riding mower with a Cart, get one.

    After done that prepare those weeds for burning rather than letting wind and insects carry those seeds from a pile you place those.

    In addition I advise you to just surrender to a facet:

    A. If I am to use a pitchfork in the spring for the next 5 years anyway, I may as well plan to plant a few small Orchards, Berries, and 4 small forests of evergreens and shrubs while at it with the pitchfork.

    B. I am better off with buying bad manures with High PH for a year or two.

    And quite honestly, I would suggest that you do surrender to that sooner, avoid B., And do: A. The 'Pick Your Own Orchard' if you can.

    I suggest that because really:

    1. Strawberries overtaking the land like weeds, indeed choke weeds, just like bamboo or rhubarb or acorn squash will choke weeds too, but 7 acres of Strawberries or any one crop going to waste is a pity and is alot to can or prepare or preserve, so it is easier to sell a variety of fruits as 'Organics'.

    2. An income from admissions to an 'Organic Orchard' may assist paying for a complete terraformation of the entire acreages with a bulldozer over 9 years or Less. And Likely you can get a grant or Small Business Loan to cover terraform expenses to finish that entire terraform much sooner to get Specific Zones of that Land Ready for planting next year, before May.

    3. You get better revenues and equity from 'pick your own berries' than you get from: 'pick your own weeds'...should go without saying.

    4. Yourself as a Landowner, deserve to use that land for pleasure and revenues, rather than hassles and expenses. You mention riding a horse. Horses like apples. Plant a few Trees.

    5.a Bad High PH Manures although among the practical solutions to vast weed overgrowth problems, have a severe underpinning that: these also are worst for the land futures than the weeds themself, and due to that, the high PH manures can reduce the surface mineral worth of the land often making Agriculture less plausible without a structured removal of all the tainted soils.

    5.b Structured removals may work for 7 acres as part of a 1400 acres Lot as removing .5% of Acreages Annually for 200 Years is Affordable, to them. Them ain't you. On 7 acres, your structured removals, alike that Collective Large Acreage will rarely exceed 4% Annually, let without a Source of Supplemental Revenues to actually devote. For yourself 4% is .28 acres. When that is so, what is the point of even buying the 7 acres of Bad Manure rather than let each .28 acre Orchard buy .38 Acres of Good Manure? Doing that, annually for 20 years and onward enables a structured contingency plan.

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    • Dwp7470b Dwp7470b on Oct 30, 2018

      My point exactly. Maybe get a Goat, Cheryl...there has to be something you can do, but certainly, I agree it is way beyond any Affordable Landscaping Options. Keep in mind though berry bushes do not cost alot. In fact, many roadsides have dying fruits. It is the perfect time to start about 400 blueberry, and raspberry bushes indoors. Far as Apple trees those too can start with Apple Cores. Cost is not alot. The true cost is the time and devotion. But it is worth it, when you get done.

  • Liz Liz on Oct 28, 2018

    You could also lease it out to a farmer for a year or two. Another idea came to mind. buy some large salt blocks, bags of old apples and any other things to attract large game to the land. Do you have a boy scout troop that needs to earn a conservation badge? Free labor and tax donation.

  • Jan Nordstrom Jan Nordstrom on May 22, 2020

    Just the mixer of Dawn dish soap mixed with water will kill the box elder bugs as the soap weights down their wings and they can't fly so they die. That's how we have experienced seeing it anyway!