How can I kill weeds without using chemicals to keep my dogs safe?

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  • Rob7453153 Rob7453153 on May 21, 2017
    Spritz the weed with vinegar. Pull weeds whenever you see one, rather than waiting until there are a lot. We are having very dry weather, so I go out to water my plants every couple of days, and every day for the ones in pots. So while I am doing that if I see any weeds growing I give them the old heave-ho right away.

    • Cara Cara on May 21, 2017
      Thanks. Well my patio is like a chia pet., embarrassing to admit, So I need a way to safely eradicate the weeds in mass! Pulling isn't fast enough for my mess. also have moss growing . Yikes!

  • Sally Sally on May 21, 2017
    Yes vinegar will work. Also, salt or Borax.

  • Alice Peace Alice Peace on May 21, 2017