How do I get rid of "sandspurs"?


I live in Central Fla. & have sandspurs in my grass on a whole acre. You cannot go barefoot plus they hurt my dogs feet.

i've tried many things and am now digging them up to get the roots. It way to much work!

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  • Gm Gm on Sep 14, 2018

    Need to keep lawn wet ,they thrive in heat and love crab grass. I used weed begone, but then need a pre emergent because the seeds blow ever y where.

    i have used vinegar and that kills them, but will kill

    everything near it too.

  • Rebecca Taylor Rebecca Taylor on Sep 14, 2018

    Hello, getting rid of these things seem daunting. Here is a site that might help as it tells you the best way to get rid of them. Good luck.

  • Lorraine Lorraine on Sep 15, 2018

    Get some goats!

  • Lorraine Lorraine on Sep 15, 2018

    They’ll eat anything that grows,so fence them in the area you want. You might be able to rent them and they fence them in.not sure on the cost though.

  • Repligator Repligator on Sep 15, 2018

    The best way is to just pull them out- roots and all. Remove all the burrs as these will seed again. It takes a while to get rid of them. Weed killers really don't work unless you apply them before the seeds emerge. The seeds will continue to sprout even after the plant is dead. Easier just to pull them. I had them all over my property, and now only find 1 or 2 now and then.

  • COCO COCO on Sep 15, 2018

    As a native Floridian, The "keep pulling them out" advice is the only way it has worked for me.

  • Fla28317474 Fla28317474 on Sep 15, 2018

    Fertilize and keep it mowed. Mow as soon as they bloom. That is how it works in Texas with grass burs.

  • Cheryl Gillman Cheryl Gillman on Sep 15, 2018

    Pour hot water directly on the roots and they won't come back