How do I keep squirrels off fruit trees and grapes?

Sandy Flanagan
by Sandy Flanagan
They stripped our trees and grapes! I used a nasty sprinkled powder, and salvaged a few plums and most of the tomatoes. What can I do to protect young fruit trees and my garden?

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  • Jean~ wvpoemlady Jean~ wvpoemlady on Jul 31, 2017

    We have some grapes that we cover with netting. We have to check often to make sure no birds get caught or stranded inside the net.

  • Marsha Boles Marsha Boles on Jul 31, 2017

    Get a BB gun, comfortable chair, tall drink and settle in for target practice. Gave up feeding birds after buying numerous 'squirrel-proof' feeders. Quit planting tomatoes - they are just squirrel magnets. Haven't got any pecan or figs in so many years, I've lost count. Ate through screened porch to get to bird seed when I quit the feeders. Used the hole get back in and snope - actually SAT on kitchen window ledge last week! Dogs killed 2 this year and I am hoping for more. Sign me - 'Squirrel Hater'

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jul 31, 2017

    I put out treats for squirrels in the trees in my front yard. I have a special spot for feeding my chipmunk peanuts, other stale nuts that I find, stale cereal, cookies, etc. I pretty much don't have trouble anymore. I did put down shaved Irish Spring bar soap and cayenne pepper in the spring when plants were coming up and tender and delectable. I have actually never had a critter eat any of my veggies other than beans and corn when they are first sprouting and the squirrels last year loved my corn when the ears were first growing. This year I had a pesky chipmunk that even had an exit hole by my peppers. I put out a mouse trap baited with peanut butter by the hole. The next morning it was tripped and the hole was already destroyed. Haven't had one again in the veggie garden. A mouse trap isn't big enough to catch the critters, but it scares the bejesus out of them and they don't return for a long time. Perhaps you could try that if they have a certain pathway you know they take to get to your fruit and veggies. We also have four dogs that have the run of the whole back yard except the veggie garden. Had to put up eight foot fence just to keep them out of the garden. Two can flat foot jump over the original four foot fence and not touch it to try to get at the critters running the fence tops and the trees in neighbors yards. Critters are also the main food group of our chow, especially rabbits.

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