How do I keep weeds, grass, etc from growing in cracks in sidewalk?


I have tried using baking soda and vinegar but it doesn't keep the weeds, grass, etc from coming through sidewalk cracks.

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  • Kelli L. Milligan Kelli L. Milligan on May 27, 2019

    Try pure vinegar and salt.

  • Martha Martha on May 27, 2019

    Most home remedies do not kill the roots but simply burn the leaves so it comes back. Weeds are tenacious. Even if you used a product like roundup, which will kill the roots, eventually new weeds tend to make their home in the cracks. So, after you do kill the roots it is good to fill the cracks with some type of joint sealant.

  • Kate Kate on May 27, 2019

    i put door sealant tubing in the cracks. works pretty well. (material is like pool noodles)

  • Then you simply didn't use enough vinegar. White vinegar is cheap, apply liberally.

  • William William on May 27, 2019

    I mix one cup of vinegar, one cup of salt to two gallons water in a garden sprayer. Saturate the weeds till dripping wet. The object is to get down to the roots.