How do you get rid of lizards from the patio?

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  • Mae Garrels Mae Garrels on Jun 10, 2017

    Get a cat ! Lizzards will keep many pests away from your garden, they are not harmful, aphids are non existent when you have a few lizzards around. Cat's do catch them and eat them. Birds also catch them, not sure what they do with them, but I have seen birds out back with lizzards hanging from their beeks

    • Yvonne Masson Tucker Yvonne Masson Tucker on Jun 11, 2017

      yes Mae, my son suggested I get a cat, but for many reasons I'm reluctant. I am a cancer patient, stage four, and it has destroyed my legs. I am also 85 yrs old and been widowed for 9 months. I can't take care of a pet.

  • Joanne Sherwood Joanne Sherwood on Jun 10, 2017

    I looked this up online and found mothballs or black pepper will keep them away. I used the pepper and it worked. Haven't seen a lizard in 2 weeks.

    • Yvonne Masson Tucker Yvonne Masson Tucker on Jun 11, 2017

      thank you Joanne, I would like to use mothballs. Do I just strew them against the wall. If that doesn't work, is it ground pepper or pepper corns. I have a phobia of long standing, when I was a child in the jungles during WW2. It's like a PTSD.

  • Lynda Farias Lynda Farias on Jun 10, 2017

    Those little guys eat pesky bugs - be glad they're there !

  • Send them to me! I leave them be as they are beneficial to my yard. I have to watch one of my dogs though, she likes to catch them and toss them around in the yard like a toy . . . 😐 None of my cats are the least bit interested as they have grasshoppers and mice to catch.

  • Cou22319770 Cou22319770 on Jun 10, 2017

    Why do you want to get rid of them? They eat bugs. If you got rid of the bugs, maybe the lizards would leave. Personally, I prefer lizards to bug spray.

  • Joanne Sherwood Joanne Sherwood on Jun 11, 2017

    Yes you just place the moth balls around the area where you see lizards. The reason I didn't use them was because the pepper is much cheaper. I used plain ground pepper.