How to get rid of wasps, very high huge nests?

by Terry
Last year we had so many wasps, several different kinds. There were yellow jackets in the barn and hay bales, red hornets, 3 kinds of black wasps. Everyone here got stung, including me! They are back this spring flying all around. Last year they built huge flat whitish nests under the eves on the second floor, too high to reach with wasp spray. I’ve never seen nests like these, and they remind me of smoke detectors. We have lots of animal and cant use pesticides. We used wasp spray in the hay storage side of the barn but then we couldn’t use the hay. They even built a nest inside the bedroom in one of the cabins and they swarmed! They came in where he space is. There are the same large whitish nests there under the eves two stories high. We can’t use fire because of the logs.

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  • Annie Annie on Mar 29, 2018

    You need an exterminator. There are those specializing in more eco friendly products. You may have to move your animals during treatment but these bites can be lethal to someone with an allergy to stings.

    • Terry Terry on Mar 29, 2018

      We are in the middle of nowhere. No exterminators out here.

      In case anyone needs to know, mixing activated charcoal (found in pharmacy) mixed with a little olive oil to make a paste works well on a wasp sting. We also have an epipen on top of the refrigerator in case of an emergency since we are an hour from a hospital.

      im afraid to let anyone get on a ladder with wasp spray for fear they might swarm!p and attack.

  • Sassy Sassy on Mar 29, 2018

    Yates Pest Control 100 S 7th St, Mcalester, OK 74501

    (918) 423-5178

    They aren't that far from you and your situation really sounds like you need a professional! I live on a farm a hour+ away from cities, so I get that this service isn't in your town. At least they can give you an estimate on the cost for removing this menace for you!! Sure hope you and your animals don't get stung!!

  • Annie Annie on Mar 29, 2018

    Do you have a county extension service? There’s got to be an answer here somewhere. Where do you live?

  • 2dogal 2dogal on Mar 29, 2018

    I would not mess with them - get a professional exterminator.

  • Dana Mason Dana Mason on Mar 29, 2018

    Lots of different birds prey on bees/wasp. So, hang multiple birdhouses around your property, especially near where the nests are.

    Pressure washer's work wonders..... but wait until the sun is down (using a flashlight or floodlight) and simply spray the nest down.

    If the nest is closer to the ground where a water hose can be used, you can put vinegar in a sprayer that attached to the hose and spray the nest down. The vinegar actually has a chemical reaction to their nest material.

    One thing that bees/wasp/hornets hate is smoke.

    Here is a video with a little detail on that:

  • Annie Annie on Mar 30, 2018

    There is a bee/wasp removal service in your area. 877-500-4684. They vacuum up bees, wasps, etc and get rid of nests. There is also a county extension service that may be of help. Good luck.

  • Ire55455316 Ire55455316 on Dec 03, 2021

    The first rule is to start fighting wasps as early as possible, preferably in the spring.