How to rid rabbits & rats from yard? I do not want to use traps .

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  • Ken Ken on Dec 07, 2017
    If you fence the yard and have a dog that would do it. Whatever you do don't buy ultrasonic pest repellers. In no case do these things work.

  • CLG CLG on Dec 07, 2017
    Get a cat. :)

  • FL FL on Dec 07, 2017
    Rabbits and Rats, hmmm, never heard those two words together before. Anyway, check these two sites for how to get rid of each:

  • Russbow Russbow on Dec 07, 2017
    I don't think the dog idea is good, cats maybe. I have both a dog and rabbits. However, IF you have small areas that the rabbits are causing issues, I do use bird net on various areas of my garden, and I cut lengths of rebar to act as support "posts". Keeps them out. NO idea about rats though

  • Linda Linda on Dec 07, 2017
    Try Plantskydd. It is a repellant that comes in granular or liquid. It can last for several years. When we moved in our place in 1991 - the former owner didn't have any plants just desert natural plants. I am a master gardener & a landscape designer. I put in plants & out came the rabbits & rats. I used
    Plantskydd & it has lasted 4-5 years.