How to snake proof my yard?


I really enjoy working in my yard. I have a raised flower bed, as well. I have seen snakes in my yard a couple of times this year. I am terrified of two kinds of snakes: dead ones and alive ones. Is there something I can put on the perimeter of my yard to keep the snakes out. I am so afraid, when I am weeding I will get snake bitten. HELP!!!

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  • Juli Juli on Sep 07, 2018

    There are products that repel snakes from you gardens and they work very well, but you need to reapply after watering or rain! That’s the downfall ! Just ask for snake repellent at your local garden center

  • Kathy Kathy on Sep 07, 2018

     There is no way to keep snakes out of your yard. We have them here and you just need to check your surroundings. Snakes are not interested in you. No snakes = mice

    • Juli Juli on Sep 07, 2018

      So very true! We have lots of snakes and nearly no mice! But I have a customer who wants her hedges and ivy snake proofed ! Lol

  • Snake fencing!

    Learn which snakes in your area or poisonous. Snakes perform great garden functions. They eat rodents. Clean up the yard so they have no reason to visit you.

    There is no reason on to fear snakes, they will not bite or attack unless they feel threatened. I catch rattlesnakes and relocate them.

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    • Yes, I can certainly understand that. In our society, fear and ignorance take over. Once you have a basic understanding of snakes (reptiles and arachnids, in general), one can be less fearful. If I had my druthers, this should be taught as part of science class in high school as part of what is required to graduate. Kids at that age are old enough to understand and retain pertinent information. Every part of the country has poisonous plants and animals and everyone should be able to identify them and know what to do if they encounter them. For now see what you can do to snake proof your yard so you can be in the garden without fear.

  • Kc Kc on Sep 07, 2018

    At my old home I let the small garter snakes do their thing--eat slugs and snails.

    However, the larger ones hunted the goldfish in my pond. Once, I had to wade into my pond, catch a poaching snake and pry open it's mouth to release the fish it caught... then I walked down to the river and released the snake....and then I washed the snake pee off my hands...woo it stinks!

    Easy story when it's a garter snake...but I know my way while I approach a rattle snake. Kudos to Naomie!