Asked on Dec 30, 2014

Birds nesting in my carport

by Victoria
Do you have an idea of how I can stop sparrows from nesting in my large carport? They make a mess all over my car. Each time I walk outdoors they fly around and hit walls, I hate for them to get hurt. Thank you, Victoria
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  • Carmen Stuart Carmen Stuart on Dec 30, 2014
    You might try installing a fake owl or long rubber black snake or hanging silver pie plates that twirl in the wind...
  • Dolly Golen Dolly Golen on Dec 30, 2014
    Get a cat.
  • Analisa miro Analisa miro on Dec 30, 2014
    I have heard that hanging CD´s keep pigeons away (the reflective light moving) so it might help with sparrows..
  • Jeannie Pharr Jeannie Pharr on Dec 30, 2014
    hang some shiny glass bird feeders from a post or yard trees
  • Hi Victoria. Are they perched up some place in the carport? What are they sitting on?
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    • @Victoria If it is possible, you want to install or have spikes installed on the metal beams that will keep them from perching nesting there.
  • Wanda sinnema Wanda sinnema on Dec 30, 2014
    sparrows don't like shiny things..... we used to hang pie pans, or streamers of foil.. it takes several.. depending on the size of the area..another trick is old CD's, again it takes quite a few... they don't like the reflective quality... hang at different heights so the breeze and sun make them twirl and spin....this also works for birds and fruit trees....
  • Judy H Judy H on Dec 31, 2014
    I have heard of the above remedies also. Do you know how they get in and out? Is there any opening you can seal?
  • Jamoschini Jamoschini on Dec 31, 2014
    I have six idea's for keeping sparrows out of your carport. 1. Record sounds of predatory birds and set the recorder for 1 hr. increments. 2. Place a plastic owl in the carport. 3. get a cat 4. Use wire mess or a screen on all open areas. 5. Place grain under a nearby tree to attract them to a new area. 6. Ask your local hardware store if they carry air compressors to rig up for this purpose to scare them away. Good Luck!