Destructive dog

by Glenita
Any ideas on how to get the neighbors dog to quit chewing up my solar lights.
  7 answers
  • Darla Brown Darla Brown on Jul 07, 2015
    Sounds crazy but try painting them liberally with hot hot hot sauce or jalapeño pepper juice...reapply after it rains...our dog did that also and it only took one time after I added the juice and he stopped
  • Michelle Horne Michelle Horne on Jul 07, 2015
    That was what I was going to say, hot pepper juice sprayed on them. It will urn the dogs mouth a bit if he tries eating them, but most likely he will smell it first and leave them alone. Just don't forget to reapply often, especially after the rain.
  • Mollee Kauzlarich Mollee Kauzlarich on Jul 07, 2015
    Green apple spray found in Pet Stores. It has a bitter taste and has worked well for me.
  • Gary Stenzel Gary Stenzel on Jul 07, 2015
    I agree with the hot pepper ideas, it worked for me.
  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Jul 08, 2015
    My daughter's dog was gnawing on the curved bottom step of my staircase. We put tobasco on it. No more gnawing!
  • Glenita Glenita on Jul 08, 2015
    Thanks for the input. I will try all the suggestions. The pinesol didn't work. Lol Didn't want to make the dog sick either.
  • Glenita Glenita on Jul 18, 2015
    Thanks for the help everyone. problem solved