How to stop web worms from into trees each year?



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  • Jeremy Hoffpauir Jeremy Hoffpauir on Oct 07, 2018

    I just read a very interesting article regarding this problem a few weeks ago. The article was from a study performed at OSU regarding web worms.

    • Jerry W. Jerry W. on Oct 07, 2018

      Jeremy, thanks for your response, I will check out the article.

  • We spray them down with a water hose. You can also spray soapy (dish soap) water in the tree which dehydrates the worms and kills them. For bad infestations, a insecticidal spray is needed. These sprays also contain a surfactant (like dish soap). It will keep them away and kill the ones already there.

  • Tina Brady Tina Brady on Oct 08, 2018

    Good article on web worms!! Learned that them pretty white moths, that I was protecting. Aren't as pretty as my eyes perceived now!! And will have to check laws for my state chemicals.

  • Jerry W. Jerry W. on Oct 08, 2018

    Now I am wondering how these things make it through the winter to start the cycle all over again the next year?

  • Jeanne Martin Jeanne Martin on Oct 08, 2018

    I know around here they put some kind of tape around trees that have the sticky side out. Apparently they climb up the trees and get stuck on the tape. I'm sure if you Google it you could find out what I'm talking about. Charlotte, NC has a real problem with these worms.