How do you eradicate mugwort?

by Smo

  3 answers
  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Apr 30, 2019

    Hi Smo,

    Mugwort is a tough one to eradicate completely. It is recognized as an invasive plant in many areas. The problem is that it's grown from a rhizome which sends out multiple roots and plants. Consistent treatment with chemicals may work, but not always. :( You could try dousing the entire area with strong industrial vinegar first if you want to try something natural, but you may have to settle for a chemical. If it were me, I'd block of the entire area with a good size border, treat it, cover it with black plastic and several layers of newspaper then let it sit for a year. I'd repeat the same process the next year if it wasn't entirely gone. Finally, I'd then dig out all of the dirt from that area and replace it with fresh dirt. Hopefully the mugwort will be eradicated by that time and you can plant whatever you want. Here's an article that will explain more. Wishing you the best.

  • Lynn Sorrell Lynn Sorrell on May 01, 2019's absorbed thru plant leaves then into stem/stalk then root system killing plant. you need to add food coloring so you can tell where you are spraying ,hold sprayer down on plant leaves you are spraying,don't spray in wind/slightest breeze,don't get in wet solution(it dries quickly),wear disposable gloves.....follow the safety instructions on bottle it has always said "hazardous" the safety instructions have always been on containers. no special mix of it,buying concentrate & mixing yourself is best but it comes premixed. just respray asap if you see any new growing and do not let plants get flowers/seeds to spread even more. the more you kill just the tops the more the roots/rhizomes spread underground. just look for new plants starting and spray it before it gets out of control.get a good 2 gallon pump sprayer and not a back pack,because if it leaks on you well you could be joining all the civil suits of people who did not heed hazardous warnings.