Spray for fleas in yard

by Karen
We have 4 cats and adult kids who bring over 3 dogs. Fleas have exploded and are also indoors which is easier to control than outdoors. Hubby wants to intensely spray heavy duty pesticide outdoors. Is there a more envirinmentally friendly way to control them?
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  • Cindy Hagemann Cindy Hagemann on Sep 07, 2016
    Try some diatomaceous earth - you can buy it at most hardware stores and some Walmart stores in the lawn and garden department. I use it for my chickens to keep fleas and other bugs away from them. Sprinkle it in the ground. Good luck!

  • Ljgordon Ljgordon on Sep 07, 2016
    I used an insecticide in a pump sprayer for fleas. You will have to spray three times. EXACTLY 7 days apart in order to kill the fleas, the newborn from eggs, then the new newborn from eggs. I did this once and never had another flea. Plus, I sprayed for two of my daughters with the same results.

  • Kenmac Kenmac on Sep 08, 2016
    We have 9 cats, four who have house privileges. Over our 50 years of pet ownership (or being in slaved by pets), we have found that the cheapest, most effective way to eliminate fleas is by using direct flea treatment like Front line. We buy the dose for the largest dog and reduce the amount applied to each cat (or smaller dog) by weight to dose. A treatment for a 100# dog treats 10 ten# cats. Just be sure the treatment you close is safe for cats by checking the brands' active ingredients on their cat treatment is the same as what is in their dog treatment (we use Advantage 2).

  • Mizzhoneysuckle Mizzhoneysuckle on Sep 08, 2016
    We had a problem when we first moved into our house here in Florida Panhandle, and discovered that one of our dogs is highly allergic to fleas. Went to Lowes and was told that Bayer Advance Complete would do the trick. It is a granule, and you spread it then wet the yard. Once the yard is dry you can release your pets back out. We were diligent and did this once every two to 3 weeks that summer, and that Winter we had a good freeze. When Spring came we started again with the Bayer Complete and only doing it once a month now.

  • Peggy Kirton Peggy Kirton on Sep 08, 2016
    Diatomaceous Earth is wonderful...sprinkle inside and out...fleas disappear

  • Wyldecent Wyldecent on Sep 08, 2016
    Seresto flea collars work well.

  • Darlenestrenn Darlenestrenn on Sep 08, 2016
    spray with a mixture of lemon juice & water

  • 53l10610642 53l10610642 on Sep 08, 2016
    lime it works...and safe and cheep...

  • Linda Linda on Sep 08, 2016
    I’ve used diatomaceous earth (purchased from Amazon if you can’t get locally) outside with good results. I used a quart canning jar with holes I punched in the lid to spread it. It is messy inside as it is such a fine powder, and you shouldn’t breathe it much. However, we have wood floors with area rugs in our house, and I used Borax (as in 20 Mule Team in the detergent section) and sprinkled it all over rugs and floors at night. I let it sit overnight, used a broom to make sure it got into the cracks between boards in hardwood floors and vacc’d off the rug. It dries up the eggs so they don’t hatch out after you’ve gotten the live ones . It worked better than any chemical spray I had tried. I’m in Ohio too, and fleas are a HUGE deal in August. Remember that winter is coming!

  • Jeris Chitwood Jeris Chitwood on Sep 08, 2016
    It's no secret that most bugs hate certain scents/substances. Here are a few effective methods that are all natural (except the last recipe, but it's a lot better for you than pesticide). Ants: Peppermint - Aphids: Peppermint, Sandalwood, White Fir - Beetles: Peppermint, Thyme - Caterpillars: Peppermint - Chiggers: Lavender, Lemon Grass, Thyme - Cutworm: Thyme - Fleas: Lavender, Lemon Grass, Peppermint - Flies: Basil, Clove, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint, Rosemary - Gnats: Patchouli - Mosquitoes: Lavender, Lemon Grass - Moths: Lavender, Peppermint - Plant Lice: Peppermint - Roaches: Eucalyptus - Slugs: White Fir - Snails: Patchouli, White Fir - Spiders: Peppermint - Ticks: Lavender, Lemon Grass, Thyme - Weevils: Patchouli, Sandalwood. MOSQUITO YARD SPRAY (skeeters & other bugs hate it) 1) one large bottle of cheap blue mouthwash, 2) three cups Epsom salt, 3) three cheap (stale) 12 oz beer, mix well until salt is dissolved, spray around yard area, fence lines, yard furniture, pool area, etc. The stronger you mix it, the more effective it is. Lasts approx 80 days, has nice mint smell & no harmful chemicals for you or your pets.

  • Pauliegirl1 Pauliegirl1 on Sep 08, 2016
    I agree with Peggy K.!! There are also loads of SAFE solutions on the internet...go look at Kelly over at Natural Living or google natural, safe/non toxic formulas to get rid of the little critters!!

  • DORLIS DORLIS on Sep 08, 2016
    I discovered by accident that catnip works. Only problem is that it spreads since it is a mint. I also have 4 cats who go outside and when the catnip began spreading and of course they love to eat and roll in it. No fleas or ticks. Harley especially roams the woods around the house and in 5 years, he brought in one tick. JUST WATCH THE CATNIP AND CUT IT BACK BEFORE IT GOES TO SEED. yOU CAN CUT IT DOWN TO 3" and it will come back and it continues growing all winter long.

  • Johnchip Johnchip on Sep 08, 2016
    I say; Go shopping and have a long lunch at a wine bar with the girls....and let Daddy go at them with his sprays!... if you really want to end the infestation, they are just bugs, and nasty ones at that. If they get too bad, you will have what we had once and have to rip out all the carpeting, throw out all fabrics and bedding, bomb the house and practically 'scorch earth' most of the property. Not counting the vet bills and the boxes of hydrocortisone lotion.

  • Tina Coyle Tina Coyle on Sep 08, 2016
    I second the diatomaceous earth, it has worked BETTER than chemical treatments for us . Be sure to use food grade and NOT pool grade. There are some great directions on this web site. http://www.thebugsquad.com/fleas/diatomaceous-earth-fleas/

  • Dianne sutherland Dianne sutherland on Sep 08, 2016
    Get Comfortis chewable flea tablets for dogs and cats .With in hours I was rid of them .Even my ferral cats ate them .I was a happy camper with that product .

    • Ruth Grimley Ruth Grimley on Sep 13, 2016
      We have used comfortis for years on our wolf/husky's we only have to use it once every 2-3 years. It kills flea on them, in the house, in the yard. All gone. I suggest chopping it up fine and putting it in wet food

  • Denise Denise on Sep 09, 2016
    We have 1 dog and 6 inside only cats. The dog has a reaction to flea meds and we've never given the cats flea meds. We used to buy a product from a company in Florida )who went out of business) that builds a barrier that fleas won't cross ~ and it worked. When we looked at the ingredients we were amazed that it was only boric acid and water. We have been spraying the outside foundation of our house with this boric acid solution for years. You can also spray inside your home around baseboards, curtains, furniture, carpet etc. Just keep the animals out of the room for about an hour after spraying. This is the formula we use. For each gallon of water add 8 tablespoons of boric acid, heat until boric acid is disolved and add to sprayer. We use a small garden sprayer from Wal-mart. In 11 years with no flea treatment to our animals we have never had a flea in our home and no sick animals. I have posted this on other sites and been told it is toxic to animals, but we have 7 very healthy animals for 10 years or more and no fleas. Hope this helps.

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Sep 10, 2016
    Whatever you decide to use, keep in mind that you have to do a re-treat because the eggs will hatch later! Google fleas and ticks and learn the time span. Also, treat your animals for fleas on a regular basis and do not allow any untreated animals on the place. We never had fleas until a neighbor got "yard dogs" and kept them outside...never bothered to spray to clean up the dog messes. You have to lime the yard if you have dogs and even if you have them using your yard!

  • Tina Coyle Tina Coyle on Sep 16, 2016
    They are made differently and have different standards of purity, hence the different grades in the first place. If they were exactly the same there would be no need to label them differently. Pool Grade diatomaceous earth is not pure and contains high concentrations of crystalline silica. In fact, some can range from 60 - 70% crystalline silica. Crystalline silica is very dangerous and can be harmful to the health of humans and animals. For this reason, Pool Grade diatomaceous earth should NOT be used for any purpose other than filtration. Food grade diatomaceous earth is pure and can even be eaten without harm.