Asked on Jul 04, 2017

There's snails on the house wall, yard & sidewalk. HELP!

by Gre22684529
  5 answers
  • Bobbi Bobbi on Jul 04, 2017

    if u get some cans of beer( snails arent funny about the brand) and dig hole deep enough to sit can in almost to rim, snails will drink it and die- i'd prob do a few cans if u hve that many!

  • Charly Charly on Jul 04, 2017

    Spray them with a heavy concentration of salt water.

  • Susann Campbell Susann Campbell on Jul 04, 2017

    Just a box or two of table salt sprinkled all around the house and side walk and any place else that you don't want snails. Do this when you don't see any snails one more time. You will have plenty of snail shells to pick up and they will be empty. This will also kill weeds and GRASS so put the salt only in places that you do not need to grow plants.

  • Colimbia1 Colimbia1 on Jul 04, 2017

    Buy something called Bugetta (think that is the spelling). It is sold under other names as well. It is granular and sprinkled on the ground. It is the only thing I have had great success over the years. You will see where they have crawled through some of it because they leave behind a clear "slime" and it kills them. Using that is the only thing that has kept my flowers from being destroyed every summer. I feel for you. They are nasty little buggers.

  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Jul 05, 2017

    Beers will do the trick- it seems funny but it really works