What do you do to prevent flea infestation in your yard and house??

No matter what I try I can't get rid of fleas in the yard and then we bring them into the house😖

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  • Mickey Wright Mickey Wright on Sep 14, 2017
    Spray the yard with a hose end or pump sprayer using water and dish soap. Put the dish soap in last or it will be foamy! This "cleans up the fleas"!

  • Amanda Amanda on Sep 14, 2017
    Hi Tina. Have you tried Diatomaceous Earth? It is a organic product made of crushed shells and coral. It cuts any insect with a exoskeleton causing them to dehydrate and die. I have used this for ants and ticks in the yard. You can even put it right on your pets. They also recommend putting it down in your carpet and letting it sit for a few days and then vacuum up.

  • Kim Kim on Sep 14, 2017
    When we moved in to our home 17 years ago it was infested. I threw a sheet of white cardboard on the lawn and it was instantly covered with fleas. I hate pesticides so I tried everything except non organic bug sprays. I even spread salt all over my floors to dry them up. All I got was sanded hardwood floors out of it.
    I finally couldn't take it any longer and Sprayed the yard and under the house with lawn type bug spray. I kept the floors vacuumed well to suck up any cocoons and the fleas were gone.
    If a flea shows up, I will spray again.
    If you have pets, they must be continuously treated or the fleas will come back.
    * To spray under the house I got the bug spray that goes on the hose and sprayed it through all the screened vents. Make sure the nozzle is against the screen or the poison will bounce back onto you.

    I hope that helps
    : )

  • Laf28032259 Laf28032259 on Sep 14, 2017
    which flea med are you using? Is it for a cat or dog? I use something called Cherry Bomb. It's a multi purpose cleaner and degreaser Bees, flie, yellow jacket, and mucklehea do not like it and it's envirmentally safe. I got mine from an auto/marine detailer but it works wonders and has many uses

  • Jan Clark Jan Clark on Sep 14, 2017
    We had this problem in spades this year. Lots of rain, wandering rabbits and oppossoms and birds bring in fleas once you get them 'under control'. What I did was buy Seresto collars for all my pets (they're expensive, I know but they WORK) and then treated the yard. After that, I bought several solar pest repellers on Amazon and set them around the yard to keep the 'visitors' out. That helped immensely. I re-treat the yard with a DIY spray using tobacco tea (soak a quarter cup of tobacco in a quart of boiling water over night and then strain out the leaves), 1/2 cup of dish soap and 1/2 cup baking soda in a hose sprayer. I don't think the fleas are completely gone, but they are not a problem any more. You may also have chiggers if you're in a warm climate.
    For the house, I've always used copious amounts of baking soda on the carpets and furniture. Wait 24 hours and vacuum. For the bites themselves, AfterBite', Witchhazel and calamine work well.

  • SusieQ SusieQ on Sep 14, 2017
    When you treat the yard and house, it needs to be repeated in 10 days. Insecticides do not kill the eggs .