How can I make use of the rectangular concrete box outside of our bal?


I live in the 3rd floor of a mid-rise condo and there's a concrete box outside of the balcony. I was thinking of turning it into a mini garden but I really don't have any idea of how to do it as this will be the first time I will be having one. Currently I only have 2 hanging orchids. I want something that's nice to look at not just like what my neighbor did to his (see pics no. 2).

q how can i make use of the rectangular concrete box outside of our bal

Rectangular concrete box 200cm x 42cm (more or less)

q how can i make use of the rectangular concrete box outside of our bal

my neighbor's garden, I don't want the same thing.

q how can i make use of the rectangular concrete box outside of our bal

my 2 hanging orchids

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  • A small garden would be a great idea. I'm not sure where you live, and that makes a difference regarding what you'll be able to grow. But if you like to cook, I suggest putting in some trailing plants (like sweet potato vine) to run down the front, and then add herbs to the part closest to your window. This would give you access to fresh herbs for cooking.

  • Viv Viv on Jul 30, 2018

    Whatever you plant - first, make sure you have drainage. Either put in rocks first before soil. Or place racks of some kind in bottom to keep individual planters off bottom. You have a lot of potential with that space.

  • Joyce Holden Joyce Holden on Jul 30, 2018
    Try leaving the plants in the original pots, on the bed of rocks or turned over pots, so it will drain and raise the height of the plants. It will be an easy change out when you want new plants or need to re-pot them to larger pots.

  • DD DD on Jul 30, 2018
    Wow lucky you I love your orchids, I by them and then they die :(
    Back to your planter, may I ask where do you live and is it sunny or shady so I can recommend something that will be available and do well.
    And are you looking for just pretty or something taller for privacy?
    I'll be happy to help with that information. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    • Ruk Ruk on Aug 02, 2018

      I lived in a mid-rise condo unit in Bangkok, Thailand which is a tropical country, definitely sunny. I would like something pretty and if possible to combine it with vegetable plants as what Courtney suggested coz I really love cooking. Thanks for taking time to answer my concern.

  • DD DD on Aug 03, 2018

    Here are 2 flowers

    Desert Rose, or Impala Lily (ชวนชม) – Said to be originally from the Middle East, Desert Roses (ชวนชม) seem to have adapted pretty well to Thailand’s tropical monsoonal climate. These beautiful flowering perennials grow to a height of approximately 1 to 1.5 meters, and have thick trunks and branches.

    Globe Amaranths (บานไม่รู้โรย) – In Thailand these awesome annuals produce bright pinkish-purple globe-shaped blooms year-round. They flower especially profusely during the November-April dry season. Their lively purplish blooms continue to adorn my garden in Bangkok even during the height of the hot dry season running from middle of March to the end of April.

    and i found this article on herbs

    If the planter does not have a drain in it then I would use some stone in the bottom so that the plants can drain and you can either plant directly or plant in pots with a hole in the pot for drainage and place the pots in the planter

    Hope this helps would love to see what your planter looks like when you are finished! Good luck!!