How do I install wooden pallets on the outside wall of my garage?

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  • Dwp7470b Dwp7470b on Jul 25, 2018

    Realistically speaking, you constructively cannot. The only good wood on a pallet is in between The rest that needs to be glued together to makeshift multi-ply. Yes people make alot of those but, these do little for equity. You have a garage not a shed. Most only have a shed or abuse the space in the garage to extents it is a cluttered shed. Showcase that fact that a garage is not a shed. You do this by putting things on and near that garage you cannot do to a shed. A flagpole, a few flood Lights, maybe even a Small Wooden Deck on the Garage Roof, with stairs and banisters made of the good woods from pallets, or even go with a Green Roof on that garage. You can landscape the sides of the garages which do not have doors.

    Otherwise, pallet woods when not at least making a 2-ply, are best put into a chipper to make these into either:

    1. Wood pellets for a stoker, or brick oven

    2. Mulches: Red, Orange, Purple, and Brown with concrete colorant or even a good sized batch of food coloring or kool aide [Lemon, Cherry and Orange] they soak in overnight.

    Did I say Purple mulch? Yes I did. They go great with grape vines and plum trees, as well as Lilacs, Lavendar and Russian Sage.

    When you budget your monies, the monies you save on $8 bags of mulch, annually being $48+Fuels+Tax, you are talking $70 dollars or more. Over the usual 40 years of homeownership, this is $2800 you could have spent on a Patio, concrete molds, and towards Beautifications and other Savings in Agriculture by growing a Pear Tree, Apple Tree and a Peach or Plum Tree aside that Garage which is not a shed.

    Thus in sum: Highlight the fact your Garage is not a Shed and you will do okay.

    I know this helps.