Any ideas on shady areas for my patio?

I want cover my patio but I don't have idea if is best a patio cover or awnings.
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  • Serg Serg on Jun 05, 2015
    I think the best solutions for you is Retractable patio covers or Fixed Patio Covers. Depending on your budget

  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Jun 06, 2015
    Daughter just bought a very large, very heavy, retractable umbrella. It has some small lights that are solar and they can be turned off or on. She is really pleased with it.

  • Opal Opal on Feb 08, 2016
    Depends on your preference, do you mind taking down/rolling in awnings/umbrellas during weather conditions, do you want something permanent that requires little work from you, do you have concerns about natural light being reduced with a cover, will the weather be a factor. We did the umbrella/awning thing for a while but finally went with a pergola with a semi transparent roof that could withstand heavy rain, wind and snow. We bought a kit from Costco a few years ago for about $1200 delivered plus another $150 for the wood and another $150 for the roof material at home depot. It measures 12x12 feet and is mounted with special brackets (also from Costco and included in the $1200) onto a concrete patio. It is attached to the house. Fairly easy to put together, if you can put together Ikea furniture you can do this but you have to be able to lift the beams so it is a 2 person job. We have had no problems with it, it cleans up with a hose and a bit of car soap in a garden sprayer. We like it better than the awning/umbrella because it requires little work to maintain, nothing needs to be stored or moved for weather conditions, we can be outside when it's raining, less mess coming into the house, keeps the dog dryer when he wants to be outside in the rain, very little light reduction because the top is semi transparent and is rated to block 99% of uva & uvb light which also keeps that area of the house cooler in the summer and we can be out for morning coffee/afternoon tea without sunscreen, it is coated to prevent fade/discoloration, has a 25 year guaranty. The downside of course is the cost.