Asked on Mar 04, 2018

Any ideas to disguise the dark edge on laminate countertop?

by Gup23089179
Any ideas to disguise the dark edge on laminate countertop?
Anyway way to lessen the appearance of the dark edge on kitchen counter laminate? Thx!
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  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Mar 04, 2018

    Timber trim.........

  • Gup23089179 Gup23089179 on Mar 04, 2018

    great idea! may need to resolve to this but still looking for other options. Ty!!

  • S.h. S.h. on Mar 04, 2018

    Big box stores sell metal edge trim mainly used for flooring that will work. It comes in various widths and is aluminum. Find the brand name and see if a store will order the width that you need if it is not in stock. It is attached by nails or screws. It has a slight rolled over edge to go over the edge of the laminate.

  • Gup23089179 Gup23089179 on Mar 04, 2018

    Another great idea!! Will check into this ty! I was hoping for a Product that I cd dab on the Formica edge-any other ideas? Thx

    • Kim Kim on Apr 09, 2018

      If you find something that works, please share.

  • GrannyL GrannyL on Mar 04, 2018

    Get several different colors of paint matching the Formica and use a small paint brush to paint the line or cloth to dab the line wait a few minutes and wipe any excess that may have gotten on Formica or wait until dry and scrap off excess. Problem solved. I just checked and where I accidentally got paint on my brown lines probably six or seven years ago is still there. I could not get it off then or now. No need to spend any money just use what you have. Good luck. If I knew how to post a picture I would. Sorry!

    • GrannyL GrannyL on Mar 05, 2018

      I'm sure it was was white semi gloss latex enamel that I was painting my cabinets with. If you don't have any left over paint go to Wal-Mart type store and buy small bottles of acrylic paint to match colors of countertop. Probably less than $2 each. Or just use one color like a cream. Sorry so late in answering just now back on computer. Let me know how it turns out. I love your countertop looks like real granite.

  • Gup23089179 Gup23089179 on Mar 04, 2018

    Great!! What type paint did you use? Thanks!!

  • B. Enne B. Enne on Mar 04, 2018

    What about an almond or white colour grout pen, which is just paint?

    There are different's one:

  • Gup23089179 Gup23089179 on Mar 05, 2018

    Ty! I will definitely look into this!

  • Gup23089179 Gup23089179 on Mar 06, 2018

    Sure worth a try!! Thanks again!!

  • Mogie Mogie on Feb 06, 2024

    I small rope like piece of trim cut to fit the size of the counter.