How can I make over a hutch to make it a bar?

Deedee Passmore
by Deedee Passmore

Turn a hutch into a bar

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  • K. Rupp K. Rupp on Nov 04, 2019

    Hi Deedee, here are a couple of project ideas on Hometalk:

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Nov 04, 2019

    Hi Deedee,

    That's an easy one! Bottles in the bottom, Accessories - tools in the drawers and Glasses on the shelves - The Prep area would be in the pulldown Flap or inside the top cupboard doors. Ooh I feel a party coming on.............

  • 48017673 48017673 on Nov 04, 2019

    I turned this mini hutch into a coffee bar.

    I'd recommend painting and adding whatever shelving you'd like!

  • HandyGirl HandyGirl on Nov 09, 2019
    if you don’t already own the hutch, try to choose one that has an elevated cabinet so you wind up with a working counter space. You can put a tabletop wine rack on it. Or install a rack for stemware there. If the hutch has overhead lighting, chances are good you have glass shelves. You can put glassware in the center area or remove the glass and install a rack to hold stemware in that area. Really, there are so many things you can do that are easy! Displaying wine/ liquors and stemware says it all without much need for physical renovation if you are just looking for a serving station that won’t take up much room. If you have the space and want a bar to function as an entertaining area here’s what I did: I took an executive desk set (large desk that was finished on all sides, and behind it was a credenza That functioned as a computer desk and overhead hutch with raised cabinets) and turned the whole thing into a really cool bar. The large desk got the makeover: casters on the bottom, thin top center drawer was removed, desk top cut out at that exact area and set aside. Then I took 2x6s and created a series of boxes That fit the structure to act as a riser for the top. I added some trims to the top where I cut out the slab, epoxied the top and the slab. I used brackets to attach the top, and slid that slab onto the drawer bracket to make the bartender countertop. Then I made a shelf for liquor that literally just sat on the base moulding directly below that bartender counter at “foot” level. I used black paint on the 2x6 portion and also on the moulding (base and crown) of all the pieces to pull it all together. It really looked terrific. Later I did add a couple of decorative elements but that bar looked and functioned like one that had been originally created for the task. The biggest expense, since we already had the furniture, was the barstools. The guy that bought our house negotiated the bar to go in the deal so I’m in the process of making another. For our new house. This time out of an old desk turned upside down, casters on the bottom (was the top) and I’m Creating a top. On the backside I bought a server that already has a small wine rack in it and I’m taking 3 upper cabinets (one intended to hold stemware) and creating a matching hutch. I won’t have counter space in the back but the bartender area will be much larger on this one. Everything is a mismatch of colors and finishes and since the back of the desk is now the front of the bar it will be a total cosmetic rework. Love repurposing old castoffs into newLy functioning beautiful things!