How to touch up cherry wood furniture without a whole redo?

Cheryl Kohl
by Cheryl Kohl
I got from a friend a newer style crib with a sleigh bed back that will turn into a full size bed when child is a olderr and a matching changing table/dresser. It is pretty scratched up but I don't have time for a whole redo. I'm considering painting it, but don't want anything toxic for older baby to chew on. Any ideas? I tried old English it's my usual stand by, but it doesn't work.
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  • Debbie Harris Debbie Harris on Nov 24, 2014
    It depends on how much needs touched up. You could just need a touch up pen with matching stain.
  • Lucid Designs Lucid Designs on Nov 25, 2014
    The stain pen is an option, but when I'm working with wood that has a ton of damage but I don't want to strip it, I use Watco Danish Oil. it comes in colors, and in this case I would use Warm Cherry. Get a rag, put some Watco on it, swipe the entire piece of furniture with it, and wipe it off with another clean rag. The scratches will be blended away while the entire piece is rejuvenated. The changing table might take you ten minutes to complete. Let it sit overnight to cure, and it's ready to use.
  • Z Z on Nov 26, 2014
    Another idea is to use Old English Scratch cover. You can get that at WM or any grocery store in the cleaning aisle.
  • Lisadoll Lisadoll on Dec 03, 2014
    I use Howard's Furniture Refinisher. It's a bit of stain, in an oil base,and comes in a variety of wood tones. You just wipe it on, let it set a bit, and wipe off the excess. It covers scratches, and dings and really shines up dull, and lifeless pieces. I have both cherry and mahogany furniture, and I use " mahogany" on both. I also use it on my dark chocolate cherry bathroom cabinets occasionally. As a rule, I NEVER spray wax furniture. Just damp dust it, and use Howard's occasionally.
  • Kelsey Indziniak Kelsey Indziniak on Dec 05, 2014
    Hey @Cheryl Kohl , Here's a helpful link for furniture care! :)