Asked on Nov 03, 2014

Where to get pretty paper to line furniture drawers?

I love the look of furniture that has paper (is it wallpaper? scrapbooking paper?) lining the sides or insides of drawers. Where do you find the best price for your paper, and what's the best way you've found to install it (Mod Podge? Double sides tape)? Thanks!
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  • Royal Design Studio Royal Design Studio on Nov 03, 2014
    Another option that is more durable that wallpaper or scrapbooking paper is stenciling. Stencils give you the ability to choose your own pattern as well as your choice of color palette. With our reusable stencils, adding and matching your chosen pattern to other details of the room really ties it all in nicely :) Hope we helped!
  • Betty Van Sant Betty Van Sant on Nov 04, 2014
    You can use wallpaper. Or Hobby Lobby has some. And Ballard Designs has posters that can be used to cover books line shelves etc.
  • Cinn Cinn on Nov 04, 2014
    Wallpaper stores often sell partial rolls that have been returned, or single rolls of out-of-stock items.
  • Kathy Ranz Kathy Ranz on Nov 04, 2014
    I buy scented liner paper and just fold to fit. Can usually find rolls of it at Marshall's, TJ Maxx, et al.
  • Linda T Linda T on Nov 04, 2014
    I don't know if Crabtree and Evelyn even exists any more, but if it does, I bought rose scented drawer paper years ago, and the scent lasted at least a couple of years. Just cut to fit, and go.
  • Christina Brigham Christina Brigham on Nov 04, 2014
    World Market had handmade sheets of Indian paper. It was about 3ft. by 3ft. 1-6 dollars a sheet. It was thick and cool designs with bright colors or owls, etc.
  • Rhonda Hiebert Lerner Rhonda Hiebert Lerner on Nov 04, 2014
    A new take on this idea...For our dressers I cut cardbord to fit the drawers, covered it with batting and the same fabric as our draperies. all you need is a glue gun. The top two drawers have black velvet with jewelry displayed in color groupings.
  • Maggie Hugie Maggie Hugie on Nov 04, 2014
    Check out Paper Mojo on the net, they have fabulous Italian papers, Chinese papers, classic designs and book papers.
  • Reehorton Reehorton on Nov 04, 2014
    Years ago,( like 1962) from the bridel showers, I saved the paper that gifts were wrapped in and lined our drawers with it. To open and see the different paper lined in the drawers were good memories for us. I know now a lot of people use bags, BUT! Just in case you receive a gift with beautiful paper.
  • Diana Lafavor Diana Lafavor on Nov 04, 2014
    Gift wrap paper works and comes in surprising variety. I have found it at the Dollar Tree and Marshalls & TJ Maxx. Christmas season is great for foils but some papers are not quite as Christmas Themed might work too.
  • Karen608 Karen608 on Nov 04, 2014
    I got contact paper at the thrift store in a lovely black, white and gray print. Since it is removeable yet vinyl, it is washable as well.
  • Sandy Sandy on Nov 04, 2014
    Our dollarama (dollar store) sells lovely paper for drawers. It also comes in different perfume scents.
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    • Sandy Sandy on Nov 05, 2014
      @Sue yes Sue, I did find it a little time consuming, but it just may be me. I'm usually quite slow with things like this. Contac paper I'm even worse. lol. A lesson in patience. Good luck. :-)
  • ShirleyB ShirleyB on Nov 04, 2014
    I used old fabric samples, upholstery fabric samples in a jewelry box drawer, and velvet in another drawer.
  • Kathleen Glasscock Kathleen Glasscock on Nov 05, 2014
    I repurposed left over rolls of wall paper. My drawers never looked prettier!
    • Colimbia1 Colimbia1 on Nov 05, 2014
      @Kathleen Glasscock If you have no left over wall paper try a wallpaper store or other stores that sell wallpaper. They usually have both partial and entire rolls drastically reduced. I like the wall paper because it is a heavier weight. Just don't paste it down.
  • Linda T Linda T on Nov 05, 2014
    I begged wall paper sample books years ago, from Home Depot, True value etc., to use in a doll house. It's FREE!
  • Clay878 Clay878 on Nov 05, 2014
    I really like an on - line store: Paper Source
  • Fran Fran on Nov 06, 2014
    I have some remnants from wallpaper from long ago.I'm a pack rat and keep thing I love for just things like this. I plan to use some of the paper, especially the embossed kind.
  • Duv310660 Duv310660 on Nov 07, 2014
    I like using Etsy for downloadable wallpaper files that you can print it out endlessly. The cost is nominal, and there are lots of vintage options. If you don't like your printer's quality, you can take it to a place like Staples where they can print it out on a 3-foot wide banner paper for as long as you want - also surprisingly inexpensive. If you have exprience with Photoshop, you can alter colors or superimpose a texture onto your file to make it look like damask, jacquard, silk etc.; you can add a monogramme or create a watermark to put on it. You can gently spray paint the output with gloss, satin or matte to make it extra durable and keep it clean. I believe Kristy at 4theloveofwood has a tutorial on folding the perfect drawer liner; everything she does is amazing so I am sure this will fix you up!
  • Pamela Pamela on Nov 07, 2014
    I have used scrapbook paper in the drawers in our bathroom vanities and also my kitchen drawers. It is inexpensive and you have a plethora of designs.
  • Barbara P Barbara P on Nov 09, 2014
    I just use wall paper from garage pretty!! I love Your design.
  • Yvonne Sanders Yvonne Sanders on Nov 30, 2014
    I use wrapping paper. It comes in wide widths and such a variety in designs. Best way is to cut the paper to fit. Then use modge podge to glue down. Secret to keep it from bubbling is to glue it down and let it dry, then go back over the finish with a coat on top. But be sure to let it dry throughly 1st.
  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Nov 30, 2014
    I used mod podge with both fabric and wallpaper and it worked great. I've also used some of the cute hanky/scarf type fabric you can usually find for a dollar in the scarf section at a large store like Walmart to line drawers - they always have seasonal and colorful prints. I coat the surface first, apply the fabric or paper, let it dry and then coat over it a couple more times. I cut the fabric first, before applying it. I also wash and iron it first to remove any finishes that may be on it.
  • Andrea Robinson Andrea Robinson on Dec 15, 2014
    The trick I learned in refinishing furniture to resell, apply the liner to a cardboard pattern first. This is especially helpful for the bottom and for vintage/antique pieces. You can affix the cardboard with double stick tape, and you can easily change the paper up as your style/decor changes. It's much easier to work with contact paper onto the flat pattern. I've found great patterns for decent prices at discount stores (like TJ Maxx) and at Hobby Lobby.
  • Orchidmg Orchidmg on Dec 15, 2014
    Hobby Lobby
  • Capernius Capernius on May 25, 2015
    to decide on what paper to use, you have to: #1) decide on what you want the drawer to look like #2) decide on what KIND of paper to use(wallpaper, contact, gift wrap, etc #3) decide if you want it fasten down, or just loose fit Once you have decided on these 3 things, it's time to go shopping... Do not forget, you can also use material as will most likely have to be glued down, but a spray adhesive should do the trick for that. Good Luck with your project. Peace.
  • 1673412 1673412 on May 27, 2015
    I like to use vintage paper because it makes for a more unique piece and is more special than purchasing paper from a big name store. I have a tutorial on how to apply patterned paper using spray tacky on my blog at if you are interested in this method.
  • Lots of great advice! Thank you! I'm painting my first side table to resell and the inside needs work (lol). I will use these very helpful tips.
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Jun 26, 2015
    Wallpaper is the best bang for the buck. Get the pre-glued and it is easy to deal with.