Asked on Mar 14, 2014

Will painting these cabinets depreciate the value?

I believe these are knotty alder cabinets and the kitchen itself is only 6 years old. I really want to paint these cabinets white but am afraid the value will go down. I think these are higher end cabinets, but I'm not really that sure. I just don't want to ruin something that may be super good or if I should just go ahead and paint the darn things already :) Any help on the value of cabinets would be much appreciated!! Or if you think painting them will help or hurt the value
Should I paint these or keep them natural??
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  • Pam Park Pam Park on Mar 14, 2014
    I', guessing they paid extra to embrace the character of that specific wood
  • Linda Crandall Linda Crandall on Mar 14, 2014
    It is my opinion, if you choose the right color your resale value should increase. I would check with a local Realtor in your area and ask them. Mine told me that painted cabinets are the new rave so, I am working on brightening mine now - Stop over at The Magic Brush and see what Jennifer does to cabinets its amazing and she sells a DVD on how to do it right the first time. Also check inside to see if there is a manufacture of your cabinets - ours were not as high grade as I thought so I went for it! Happy painting! :-) Linda
    • ToddL ToddL on Jul 31, 2020

      I agree Linda. Choosing the proper color is essential.

  • Rachel Steiner Rachel Steiner on Mar 14, 2014
    I would definitely go with painting them white- to me it would make me want the house 10x more! I'm in love with white kitchens and personally think the wood on those cabinets is terrible haha
    • ToddL ToddL on Jul 31, 2020

      They say when walking into a white kitchen, one is uplifted energetically. We paint a lot of white kitchens. ToddL

  • Hello is right- check with a realtor because painted cabinets could devalue your kitchen and cause a buyer to walk away. Your cabinets are beautiful. I painted mine only because they were mismatched finishes and fronts. As it has been stated, painting is a trend right now and trends can end... I would paint the walls! If you add a color to your walls that will dramatically change the feel of the room. Plus you need some hardware to go on those cabinets which will also help. I would go with a decorative black wrought iron. I paint a lot of things but your cabinets, if you should sell someday, will be a buyers' dream and in good shape will increase the value of your home.
  • Shari Shari on Mar 14, 2014
    White kitchen cabinets are pretty timeless and classic whereas the popularity of wood and the various wood tones wax and wane in popularity, depending on the decade and trends. Inasmuch as painted cabinets are definitely much more popular than wood toned cabinets right now, I would say as long as you do a good job, painting them white would probably appeal to prospective buyers even more than the wood would, at least in this current market. I get so frustrated with people who are afraid to make changes to something they dislike about their home because it "might" negatively affect the value of it. (It's a huge pet peeve of mine!) I'm a VERY firm believer that people should do whatever they want to make their home comfortable, appealing and enjoyable to them while they live there. Forget trying to please the next owners because no matter what you do (or don't do) to a house, you will never, ever appeal to all buyers. You know the saying, "You can please some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time." Now that's not to say you should go wild and apply purple and yellow ceramic tile to the ceilings or something equally weird and ugly but painting the cabinets white...hardly a big deal....and probably not a deal breaker for most prospective buyers. Go ahead and paint the darn cabinets if you want to paint them! (So while the kitchen is a nice size, seems to have lots of great storage and a functional layout, these cabinets are definitely not my idea of a buyer's dream. If they were my cabinets, I would have already had the paint brush out! lol)
  • Lisa Lisa on Mar 14, 2014
    How long do you plan to live in the house? Do you plan to sell soon? If you're selling in a couple of years, check with a realtor. If you plan to live in the home for several years, do what YOU want with them. Staining would be another option. I painted the knotty pine in my office/craft room to let in more light and I'm happy with my choice. Just if you do paint, prep first. Make sure to put a primer on them, probably a couple of coats, before painting. Enjoy your home. If you decide not to paint, I'd definitely paint the walls.
  • Shari Shari on Mar 14, 2014
    P.S. I predict you won't even get a consensus here between the "paint" and "don't paint" opinions so it just goes to show you won't ever please all prospective buyers.
  • Diane Woods Diane Woods on Mar 14, 2014
    Realtor here…..I vote paint them. White cabinets are popular and are the current trend being built in new construction, so they will be 'in'.
    • Linda Crandall Linda Crandall on Mar 15, 2014
      @Diane Woods My thoughts exactly Diane - That's why I ask my professional chain first :-)
  • Sharon S Sharon S on Mar 14, 2014
    If you aren't planning to sell in the next couple of years, it's kind of a meaningless debate. I'd keep the wood but I hate keeping white cabinets clean. Plus, I'm a woodcarver and that wood just begs for some quality time with my knives and gouges!
  • Donna Byram Donna Byram on Mar 14, 2014
    I have hickory cabinets (which are similar to yours) and sometimes get tired of the wood, but most people who see my home for the first time compliment how much they like my kitchen and keeps me from wanting to change them. If you are just wanting a change try adding some color with your accessories and maybe adding knobs or handles. Also another popular trend is painting the island and leave the main cabinets wood. A tile back splash would also add some interest to your kitchen and give the eye another place to focus on instead of seeing all the wood first. There are a lot of choices to pick from that could add color and texture to your kitchen. Good luck with whatever you decide to do. :)
  • Jean Adams Jean Adams on Mar 14, 2014
    I saw the most beautiful cabinets stained green on HGTV. I would be tempted because the black in that room is wonderful. Lisa's show, can't remember the title. I sure miss her.
  • If the cabinets were all wood construction you might have a high-end product. In many cases however, Alder is on the lower end of the wood spectrum and are very common along with Hickory and Red Oak, mainly because of the knots and imperfections to that species. That is why it is common to see Alder stained in a heavy, or solid color stain, or painted. In this case painting, staining, or glazing (depending on the color) would only enhance the value of those cabinets.
  • B.J. B B.J. B on Mar 14, 2014
    I recently painted my oak kitchen cabinets an off white shade. I can't believe how much better they look! Our house is 8 years old but they really made the house look dated. We have 4 bathrooms which were also oak and we painted them all. We recently had a realtor over and she said we definitely improved the value! She said that most people in our area really don't like the oak. You need to do whatever looks good to you. As always some people will love it and some won't.
  • Janet Smith Janet Smith on Mar 14, 2014
    I would check with a local realtor, especially if you are planning to sell within the next year or two. If you plan to stay, I would definitely paint the cabinets white or cream. We did that to our last home and the difference was amazing. When we put the house on the market two years later, it sold in 1 day. (We had three "back-up offers" as well as the initial offer.) We had painted the cabinets and put in new appliances and a new (high end) laminate countertop. We got full asking price for the house, and I'm convinced it was because of the kitchen. If you do the painting yourself, be certain to clean the cabinets well, sand and prime with a good primer. Then apply at least two coats of enamel, sanding lightly between coats.
  • The Rustic Duchess The Rustic Duchess on Mar 14, 2014
    Your question is flawed to begin with, since painted cabinets will appeal to some people more than others, and wood cabinets like yours would be preferred over painted cabinets for other people. You are never going to please everybody. A better question for a relator may be which is selling better currently in your area. As a furniture painter, I would say paint them!! If you are not planning on moving anytime soon, then you should do what you want. If they are done well, there will definitely be those who will consider it an update. Maybe slightly distressed with a glaze?
  • Kara Spurlock Kara Spurlock on Mar 14, 2014
    I agree 100% with rustic dutchess! They would look "updated" if you painted them. You can't please everyone.
  • Shelly Shelly on Mar 14, 2014
    I love them an anyone can paint them if they choose but stripping and staining is a lot of work
  • Debbie Debbie on Mar 15, 2014
    I see beauty & character in your cabinets. I think if you introduced some color into the walls or décor would make your kitchen "pop." You have a lot of neutral going on.
  • White Oak Studio Designs White Oak Studio Designs on Mar 15, 2014
    Your cupboards are lovely and in really good shape. Could you live with a compromise? I suspect you just feel like a bit of change. Maybe you could paint your island (only), change your window treatment, add a new rug in your chosen colors and add some colorful accessories in your kitchen for the feeling of change? I believe that many people still want natural wood and you would have some people walk away from your home. I paint furniture and find that age 35-45 like painted furniture but those older still want natural wood. I can't tell if you have tile on your backsplash, but if you don't consider adding that to help your room to really feel new and fresh too.
  • Annette White Annette White on Mar 15, 2014
    Our kitchen was so dark, and even when friends said, "oh, don't paint those beautiful oak cabinets," I couldn't stand them. My husband did all the work himself and they are just beautiful, and brightened up the kitchen so much. We used a gray paint for background (it was beige) and he even put in white bead board halfway up! I just absolutely LOVE my kitchen now!
  • Jean Herman Jean Herman on Mar 15, 2014
    Do Not paint! If someone would want them painted they could have it done! We are in the busn . Styles usually last only 7 yrs.. A friend built a new beautiful home..painted all cabinets white..hates them! Said worst mistake they ever made!
  • SK on Elderberry SK on Elderberry on Mar 15, 2014
    Paint or not to paint. A universal question isn't it? And remember paint isn't always cream or white. Paint has been a staple in cottage kitchens for decades. You can see all kinds of cabinets side by side in do-over pics. Just Google it. You will be drawn to something. Almost every time. Test to see if it's is the wood or the love of a little color. My cabinets are red and cream. I have had hickory, oak, white, grey and pine. And I have had them all. But In every home It will be different for me. I adore my cottage kitchens and the colors which are so charming. sk
  • Don't paint knotty alder. Painted wood is usually maple or poplar. It will look like rustic white. Even oak painted is grainy, although painting oak would be an option. You can get them refinished to a different stain, but IMO, paint is definitely not the answer.
  • Lindsay Jackson Lindsay Jackson on Mar 15, 2014
    If nothing else get some pretty knobs/handles with some color to them for the doors and drawers. World Market is a good place to look.
  • Diana Diana on Mar 16, 2014
    I would paint them a nice grey that would look great with your counter tops. It is also a neutral color.
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Mar 16, 2014
    It must be that I am the only person whose kitchen gets dirty! My friend had a brick blacksplash put in from the counter to the ceiling! Old Chicago...EXPENSIVE! I cannot even comprehend trying to get tomato sauce off brick! (Don't tell me I am the only one whose spaghetti sauce bubbles a little and spits on the backsplash!) So I would leave the wood and look to add some accent and personality elsewhere...or just simply accept the fact that a kitchen is, after all, a WORKROOM FOLKS! If you work, you won't have time to keep white clean. If you have kids, it will never stay clean. If you are old, you won't want to clean. So out and close off the kitchen rather than add work to your already hectic life!
    I truly believe keeping them in that knotty pine is so much better. Wood is so much more admirable and rich looking. I will tell you from my om's experience she went to white cupboards and said she wish she never did. They show the dirt., fingerprints and a constant battle to keep clean. Wooden ones on the other hand are not bad at all. If needed clean the wooden ones and apply a thin coat of Poly or if they are not finished in poly use lemon oil. There is amazing product to keep them looking good . Wood is in. I also had my bedroom doors picked out, when I built my house to 6 panel Pine doors in 1990. I still get so many compliments still. My Mom has the white doors and they show everything. This is my opinion,,White cupboards were popular years ago, and although some people may pain theirs, if you go to a Home Depot or Lowe's I think you will find wood is the popular one...I love your cupboards!!!
  • Sue Ellemor Sue Ellemor on Mar 16, 2014
    If you are planning to stay in this home for 5-8 years then do whatever you want with them. Who cares about any future owners and what they may like. Painting them would really give the room a brighter feel. You need to have the environment you are living/working in a pleasure for you to be in, not anybody else. The more people you ask, the more answers you will get and it will only confuse you.
  • Stuart Designs Stuart Designs on Mar 16, 2014
    PAINT!!!! paint and hardware will completely update your kitchen. Instead of white, I would do a soft cream. ( Bleached Almond by Behr) is my favorite. I have painted so many kitchens and not one person has said they would go back!!!
  • Bonnie Lewenza Bonnie Lewenza on Mar 16, 2014
    Personally I would leave the cabinets alone, they are beautiful. People who would paint the cabinets would tell you yeah go ahead. But these cabinets are in beautiful condition so there is really no reason for it. If you want a change and we all do at one time or another, then focus on your walls. Change the color or add a mosaic tile to the back splash, paint your ceiling the darker color and the lighter color on your walls. Change your curtains to match your paint. These changes will make a dramatic difference. Good luck.
  • Linda Bailey Linda Bailey on Mar 16, 2014
    That is a beautiful kitchen, and if you want to add to it think about painting the white walls with some color, or adding a tile backsplash. Remember, once you paint those cabinets, you can never go back to the wood without a lot of work. Maybe you just need to find a project, and are focusing on your kitchen. Spring is almost here, find an outdoor project to take your mind off of your kitchen.
  • Sue Sue on Mar 16, 2014
    I agree with the non-painters! Since they're not that old and in good shape....I'd leave them! I'm not against painting cabinets in general...but.....only if they really need it! I also agree with the commenters that say you probably just need more "spark" of color...with all the black and needs a punch of some color. Maybe, like someone suggested.....painting the island only.....or adding some greenery above the cabinets, or some pretty wallpaper (washable of course) for your backsplash area.
  • JessieMacD JessieMacD on Mar 16, 2014
    I like the cabinets! Add some hardware and do something funky with the island! Maybe paint or a faux stone to the island....
  • Moc196026 Moc196026 on Mar 16, 2014
    I've got really old, inexpensive cabinet doors. A few months ago I found this recipe (lemon juice mixed with olive oil) which I rubbed onto each door, along with new knobs the place looks much better. Talk about cheap huh?
  • Trish A Trish A on Mar 16, 2014
    Knobs and pulls would help. They look unfinished. Add some pops of color to the room with accessories.
  • Highstyle Restyle Highstyle Restyle on Mar 16, 2014
    In my opinion, painting the kitchen and adding hardware would increase the value. Kitchens and bathrooms help sell homes. :). The value of the unpainted cabinets would only be determined by someone loving them as-is. If you, the homeowner, would love and value them more painted, then I say do it! ~Amy @ High Style ReStyle
  • Melinda Lockwood Melinda Lockwood on Mar 16, 2014
    If you do decide to paint knotty pine, give them one or two good coats of shellac first to seal the wood. Then do what you want - it's your house!
  • Sharyn Diaz Sharyn Diaz on Mar 16, 2014
    Most importantly. It is your kitchen and it should please you. Personally I would consider adding finish is 'forever' and if you don't like it you can change it. Wood is beautiful but too much of any finish can be boring so you really have to decide if you want to add interest. You can paint the upper cabinets one color and use another on the lower ones...or you can use color stain minwax has beautiful colors as well as white pickling stain. Maybe you can do the island first as a test and confidence builder. Good luck :)
  • Lesley Lesley on Mar 16, 2014
    Personally, I like the wood as is, but in some instances would paint. Since you are not sure, I would add hardware, paint the walls a nice color and maybe add a back splash. If you are still not happy with the look, then paint them. You might be surprised to find that you don't want to paint them. As someone already mentioned, if you paint them and don't like them, you are stuck and would have a lot of work ahead of you. I think if you painted them white, it would be a little plain if you didn't paint the walls a brighter/darker color so things pop more.
  • Julie Julie on Mar 16, 2014
    I would not paint them. They would take some work so the knots would not show through. I just ran into the same thing in my kitchen renovation and once I changed the color of the walls from white to a light coffee it just made the beautiful wood pop! Make sure you test the paint colors to go with the wood.Mine had a touch of red in the trim so I made sure the walls had no yellow to the tan color.
  • Laura D Laura D on Mar 16, 2014
    Paint chips!!! These cabinets are beautiful. If you want to have ongoing maintenance then paint. If all you want to have to do is clean and buff them up once a year then leave them be. Your choice.
  • Liliana Wells Liliana Wells on Mar 16, 2014
    Leave the cabinets as they are. If they were 30 years, I would tell you to go ahead and paint them. They are beautiful. If you are itching to paint, paint something else. Are you selling the house anytime soon? I hope not.
  • Liliana Wells Liliana Wells on Mar 16, 2014
    On another thought, if you want to jazz them up, install hardware to drawers and cabinet doors. PS - paint will look like you are trying to cover something unpleasant.
  • Sheri Sheri on Mar 16, 2014
    There will always be the debate of natural wood vs. painted wood. In the end, I don't think the depreciation/ appreciation will make or break the value of a house. Especially if you intend to stay there for awhile. You need to be content in your environment. If you do decide to paint, read up on the necessary prep work for a professional finish. It really is that important.
  • Debbie DeMarais Debbie DeMarais on Mar 16, 2014
    Painting would not be a good idea, as the wood is very yellow and it would require a lot of work, sealing and several coats of high gloss paint to keep the knots and yellow tints of the wood from being exposed. You may regret the look afterwards. As a previous reviewer noted adding hardware would help. Painting the backsplash in a deep warm color would pull the eye away from the cabinets and give you some color in the kitchen.
  • Joan McGregor Joan McGregor on Mar 16, 2014
    Everyone has a different opinion. .I for one don't like these cabinets. .If you were selling your home and I looked at it. My first thought would be the work I would have to do to fix them to my liking. .So if you like them enjoy them and do what You like. . .
  • Emeraldu2 Emeraldu2 on Mar 16, 2014
    Sorry, I just don't get it when people want to paint over nice wooden cabinets or furniture. Just my taste, but I think it looks cheesy, especially an amateur job. Also, painted cabinets show EVERYTHING!! you'll be constantly dusting and wiping. IMO
  • Marie Purnell Marie Purnell on Mar 16, 2014
    I agree with the no-paint answers. You'd be amazed how much adding door hardware will help them pop. I would try that first...
  • Pat Pat on Mar 16, 2014
    First I would paint the walls of your kitchen. Put up a pretty backsplash. I can see a pretty sage green or even a salmon color for your walls. A colorful valance on the window, an orb colored pendent light over the sink, pulls for the doors and drawers (dark orb to match your faucet) and a colorful rug in front of your sink. Then I would paint your island.....not sure, maybe white like your ceiling.....might have to get some cardboard and paint and hold it up to see what looks good. Maybe black even. Then when you have tried everything, paint the cupboards if you want. I think it would be very, very, very, hard to paint and not see the knot holes.
  • Tosha Schiffli Tosha Schiffli on Mar 16, 2014
    Could you stain them darker?
  • Cassandra Nutty Cassandra Nutty on Mar 16, 2014
    Consider using General Finishes Gel Stain. Google Java Gel Stain & you will see what I mean. We sell this at our unfinished wood furniture store & can hardly keep it in stock. Other great Gel Stain colors from to think about would be the Brown Mahogany, Nutmeg, or Antique Walnut. If you do decide to paint General Finishes also sells a very high quality simulated water based latex paint designed for furniture and cabinets. You could use one of their paints & get really good results without having to use very long dry time enamels or high gloss. Hope this helps!
  • Terra Gazelle Terra Gazelle on Mar 16, 2014
    I don't know if they are Alder..they look to dark for Alder. They do look more like Knotty Pine. But all I have is a picture to go by, and color is different on the net. I would paint..once a cabinet has been put up they lose value, they are not like antiques. Like someone said..its your kitchen..and I love painted cabinets, better then wood.
  • Ruth Ruth on Mar 16, 2014
    NO I would not paint them, I think too they are Alder, not nearly enough knots in them for pine and pine knots are rougher but even smooth knots would not paint good no matter how much filler you used. Do what the others say and spruce up your place with color, A fresh bouquet of grocery store flowers every week or two does wonders for your spirit.
  • Carol Carol on Mar 16, 2014
    How about taking a drawer front or small door to some place that might be able to give better info about wood type, value, painting or staining?
  • L L on Mar 16, 2014
    I agree with the "leaving the cabinets the way they are". They are so new yet, and excellent condition. Color is so needed in the room. After you have put paint on the walls, and add hardware on each drawer and cabinet, it will be such a remarkable change in the appearance. Trends come and go, so I tend to paint what I can change at any time, like the walls. And also with the hardware on the cabinets. Down the road you can change them to something else. I can't tell if they have a nice poly on them. Giving them shine, will compliment the black appliances. You have a lovely kitchen, just give it some wow!
  • Rosemary Kelly Rosemary Kelly on Mar 16, 2014
    My sister does faux painting/murals for a living. Right now her clients are paying her $$$ to paint what you have.
  • Karen P Karen P on Mar 16, 2014
    I love wood. Don't paint it.
  • Sandy Angel Sandy Angel on Mar 16, 2014
    I would definitely paint the cabinets. I personally do not like them, regardless of how old they are, how expensive they were, or what kind of wood they're made from. They do nothing aesthetic for your kitchen.
  • Kim Alessandro Kim Alessandro on Mar 16, 2014
    I wouldn't paint these. I'd clean them well and I'd add dark and "meaty" hardware to them (think black, to match the appliances).Then, I'd paint the kitchen a nice WARM color...brick, olive, pumpkin...and I'd add a backsplash...stone or even tin.
  • Jody Benge Jody Benge on Mar 16, 2014
    I definitely would not paint them. Once you have painted them, they would be very difficult to restore to the original. If I were looking to buy your house in the future, painted cabinets would be a turn off, (at least to me), and I do feel that painted cabinets can look cheap and devalue the house tremendously. I feel that you could darken the stain a little if you so desire, but better yet would be to paint the walls a nice salmon or maybe a popping tangerine color, even one of the new aqua's. Then pull in that color again with some pretty decorative items on your counter, like a tangerine or aqua vase, or white vase with tangerine or aqua and white flowers, and on and on. Also look for some unusual hardware pulls etc, for the cabinets, that really catch the eye. I think you will be more than satisfied.
  • Peggy Peggy on Mar 16, 2014
    I think I would try painting the kitchen walls first, find some great cabinet hardware and just paint the island for some contrast and then if you are still not satisfied you could think about painting all the cabinets.
  • Jill Jill on Mar 17, 2014
    I don't care for the wood look. If it were mine, I would paint them, because that is what I like. But, it's your kitchen. Do what you want.
  • Regina Regina on Mar 17, 2014
    Those cabinets are beautiful. I say DO NOT paint them and get black door knobs and drawer pulls. The paint won't hold up well unless you sand, prime, and use a high grade oil based paint. That will run into a huge expense of time and money. Then, what if you don't like them? If you must paint something, paint the island black. The window really does need a colorful valance or Roman shade--something with black in it.
  • Andrea P Andrea P on Mar 17, 2014
    If you watch trends in decorating, you will notice that just when you get your home done over to use some of these trends, expensive decorators come up with something else that immediately dates your work. It's done to keep selling you stuff. I like the look of painted cabinets when done well and when it looks well with the general age and design of the kitchen. However, if you have nice wood cabinets and just want to paint them to "update", I think you will find that a year or three down the road, that wood cabinets will come around again. I've seen so many things in home decorating, (and women's clothing) come in and an out of fashion that I've learned to do what I like and forget about keeping up with the constantly recycling of design ideas.
  • Linda Linda on Mar 17, 2014
    leave as if shows up the grain in them
  • Funnygirl Funnygirl on Mar 17, 2014
    A lot of wood.Would consider painting several cabinets and leave some natural- that seems like the newest trend.Choose cabinets that look like separate pieces of furniture or,all upper or all lower cabinets.Look on line to get a better idea of this new trend
  • Cathy W Cathy W on Mar 17, 2014
    Suggest "White Oak Stain", A charming way to keep the wood -look. This will brighten up and "modern-zing" your kitchen. Paint will make them look too "heavy". (Love all the cabinet space!)
  • Home on Hidden Oaks Home on Hidden Oaks on Mar 17, 2014
    I'd paint them. You said it yourself, you want to paint them. It's your home, and you are the one who needs to enjoy them! Plus, I think painted is more beautiful and more valuable these days.
  • Annette Davenport Annette Davenport on Mar 17, 2014
    Great hardware would definitely help their look.
  • Rumari73 Rumari73 on Mar 17, 2014
    To respond to your question, yes, painting the cabinets will depreciate the value, and more if you don't do it right, I tried one time and ended up just replacing the whole kitchen. Is a lot of work to remove all the stain, you have to remove all the doors, use a spray gun to avoid the strikes of the brush, etc...since they are fairly new, I would suggest what others say just add hardware & backsplash, if still not satisfied you could always do something to the doors, a different color trim in the center or just replace them.
  • Karyn Roesler Karyn Roesler on Mar 17, 2014
    Please do not paint them! With the trend of chalk paint and painting stuff-too many people are covering up beautiful wood-I think painting is for ugly wood you want to cover. I agree some nice hardware, and maybe a beautiful tile back splash. Put some light color on the walls-it will be lovely!
  • Cynthia Hudek Cynthia Hudek on Mar 18, 2014
    I agree with Karyn Roesler! Paint walls and add gorgeous backsplash.
  • Funnygirl Funnygirl on Mar 18, 2014
    Upon review,I have to agree you should start with a backsplash first.A black arabesque tile would pull in all your black appliances and black countertop.the next step should be a window treatment.I love the rattan/tortoise roman shade or a co-ordinating stripe or maybe burlap!Then decide if any painting of the cabinets are needed.I am suffering from a total oak kitchen with leaded glass inserts and it is just all too too much! Not to mention little animal ie.raccoon rabbit tile for my backsplashes!
    • Linda Linda on Mar 24, 2014
      @Funnygirl Sorry about the small animals on the tile that might be hard to overcome. Do you have any ideas?
  • Thrifty and Chic Thrifty and Chic on Mar 19, 2014
    Thank you all for your overwhelming response! I think I have decided to go the non-paint route for now and paint the kitchen island, paint the walls a different color other than beige and add some hardware. Oh, and change out the blinds to something brighter. I think this may help in brightening up the space without having to worry about painting. ...and if that doesn't do it for me...the debate to paint or not to paint will continue :)
  • Lisa Lisa on Mar 20, 2014
    Excellent decision!
  • Wanda Stivison Wanda Stivison on Mar 20, 2014
    Personally, I don't like knotty pine. It seems more like a utility wood. I would want to paint. If they were a light maple or a mahogony, then it might have been a different story for me.
  • Linda Linda on Mar 23, 2014
    Great plan to start with the walls, you will be amazed how changing the boring walls will give you a whole new look. I think you are on the right track, hardware will also make a big impact.
  • NANCY NANCY on Mar 23, 2014
  • Michele Eures Michele Eures on Mar 23, 2014
    I would paint. It's not a very pretty wood with all those knots and it has a country look that contrasts with the modern look of the counter tops and appliances.
  • Cheryl Cheryl on May 05, 2014
    I agree with Michelle. I don't find all those knots attractive, and would be racing to cover over them. Isn't the idea to love your home while you live in it, rather than to be concerned with what the next owner might like or not like? Unless, of course, you plan to move soon, in which case why bother anyway? I've found that no matter what you like, new owners are bound to come in with their own ideas on what they like, and they very well might come in and say "Love the kitchen space, but these terrible cabinets must go!" regardless of what you do or don't do to them. So make yourself happy. By the way, you don't necessarily have to get involved in a lot of messy sanding. I covered my cabinets with a coat of oil-based Kilz, and then painted them with an oil-based paint, and they withstood kids ramming into them with walkers and ride-on toys, etc., and looked great for years. And I never regretted painting them.
  • The question is, "What is the value to you?" If you want white kitchen cabinets, go for it. Life is too short to settle.
  • Wendy Johnson Wendy Johnson on Feb 28, 2016
    I luv wood.
  • Ellen Ellen on Feb 28, 2016
    Those are beautiful wood cabinets! I agree with another poster - do a stunning backsplash & a soothing wall color, maybe a simple window treatment. Add some interesting pulls to the cabinets & I think you'll love the kitchen again.
  • Debbie Debbie on Feb 28, 2016
    You could just use a removable classy "cover up" for the main panel in the door such as a removable wallpaper or something. Then you wouldn't see the knots, you'd have a new look and can go back to the old when you tired of the cover up. If you have a friend in real estate, you could also ask him or her what the trend is, how it would affect the value if you paint the cupboards, etc.
  • Terra Gazelle Terra Gazelle on Feb 28, 2016
    They do not look too high end..they are not very tall..and I do not like the knots. Maybe paint or stain the top and leave the bottoms as they are? White would not look right though with that color of the bottom cabinets. I think you should do what you do you really want it to look..go for it.
  • Wanda Stivison Wanda Stivison on Mar 02, 2016
    I would paint paint paint. That's what I am going to do with my cabinets.
  • Susanroy36 Susanroy36 on Mar 02, 2016
    I think you should paint if that would make you happy. How long will you live in the house? If you do a good job and pick a nice color (white or grey?) then prime and paint, and enjoy. You will keep your value if you do a good job. After all, you may be trying to sell to someone who doesn't like the rustic cabinet look either? You need to love YOUR house. After all, you are paying for it! The issue that I think may be bothering you is that the "knotty pine" look is more rustic and then you have granite counter tops that are sleek and dhic. I think you go for it.
  • Shizette Parker Shizette Parker on Jun 23, 2016
    dont paint them! :P
  • Linda Crandall Linda Crandall on Jun 24, 2016
    When ever you make a choice to paint such lovely pieces you can run that risk. Right now, painted cabinets are all the rage. I have clients ask me what happens when everyone falls out of love with painted cabinets? I suggest when people are on the fence about painted cabinets, but just can't talk their way into doing it, to stain the cabinets into a darker Java color. This way, if you ever change your mind, you can remove the stain by sanding and then proceed to what ever makes you happy, including paint. I myself love painted cabinets but paint does not do justice to all kitchens, which is why we darken with stain in those cases. The good news, if you paint them, they can be stripped back to the wood using paint strippers. If you are using a grade of paint like General Finishes, you will have no problem. If it's chalk paint, it can do damage, I have seen it happen over the years of painting chalk is pourse and collects grease more than a regular paint will. In the end, it's only paint. If you don't like it you can correct it, I always tell my clients do what makes your heart happy. That is my professional opinion. :-) Hope that helps you out. Bests, Linda @ Hello I Live Here Blog - check us out on Facebook or here on Hometalk :-)
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    • Linda Crandall Linda Crandall on Jun 24, 2016
      If you are using General finishes systems, that's not the case. You can completely sand back down to the wood, and start a whole new stain.
  • Melinda Lockwood Melinda Lockwood on Jun 24, 2016
    If you are looking for a change, paint them. If you think you may change your mind down the road, give them a coat of shellac first - it will make stripping the pain off much easier (should you decide to "unpaint" them).
  • Terra Gazelle Terra Gazelle on Jun 25, 2016
    They do not look custom and the cabinets are only the value of if you like them... you can make the cabinets beautiful with paint. Make sure you prepare then correctly and if you are doing chalk paint do not seal them with wax..use Polyacrylic...wax melts in heat. People will use chalk paint on their cabinets and seal them with wax and wonder why they streak and get sticky. Use a matte poly and you will get the look of the chalk paint.