Anyone every paint bathroom tiles?


My bathroom is a throw back to the 70's. Lol I'm afraid to find out what's behind the tile and have even a bigger project. See the icon for Hometalk? That's the color of the tile. Yes that blue! Lol It's only halfway up the wall and the rest of the walls is a lite gray color.

q anyone every paint bathroom tiles
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  • Hope Williams Hope Williams on Aug 18, 2018

    Hi Renee, I have tried to paint/reglaze tile with the boxed, made for this products. I never got to the actual painting cause the vapors were so wretched, there was no way I was doing it. I called a professional in and was very happy for a 2 day hotel stay. (Theirs was more toxic than mine!)

    but I’ll tell you this, they did a fantastic job and it did not look painted on when done.

  • Renee Mader Costello Renee Mader Costello on Aug 18, 2018
    The fumes are that bad huh?I only got a sky light in my bathroom. Hmm maybe I should rethink this. Thanks for your info.

  • Barbie Barbie on Aug 18, 2018

    I’ve used Kilz paint, it comes in a latex formula and oil based The latex does not have much of a smell at all. And I hate the stinky paint!!

    be prepared to use about 3-4 coats to get the coverage you want though.

  • Beth Beth on Aug 18, 2018

    I just did this a few weeks ago! I used the tub and tile spray paint. Long story short, it is very stinky, takes a lot of coats, and the coverage isn't great on dark tile... but it is a dramatic change! I have no idea how it will hold up, so I'm not going to post it on Hometalk for awhile, but if you want to see pictures, I have a blog post about it at (Sorry it won't let me direct link for some reason)

  • William William on Aug 19, 2018

    Rustoleum or Homax tub and tile paint kits. proper prep is the key.

  • Jay Jay on Aug 19, 2018

    yes you can I painted the same blue tiles and it looks great. Go to Ace Hardware for the paint and prep kit. good look

  • Catherine Stevens Catherine Stevens on Aug 19, 2018

    I have painted tiles in a guest toilet and a bathroom. Used a non-drip enamel for the toilet but was advised to give the tiles a bit of a sanding for better adhesion. By the time I did the bathroom a special paint for use on tiles was available but can't remember the name. Both lasted well for a good few years. Don't remember any issue with the fumes

  • Laura Laura on Aug 19, 2018

    I just did my kitchen back splash...which is ceramic tiles. I used a latex primer ( it is like the Kilz brand).2 coats..and then used furniture and cabinet paint on top..and I did 2 coats of the paint in a slight 'off white' that is beautiful !!!!. It has only been a week..but it looks AMAZING!!!!! It comes from Home Hardware. Coverage is amazing....there is no odours..and clean up is with soap and water. I am over the top happy with the outcome!!!!!!

  • Laura Laura on Aug 19, 2018

    Sorry me again....I am jumping back in again..because i am going to try and add pictures...the 1st one was me asking what people thought of the idea...white back counters.... and the second is it painted....Just look at those tiles...WHAT were they thinking???? AND you should see my any better... I have not done my counters yet...but my kitchen is SO much brighter already. Anyways...just thought I would share my experience with you....

  • Renee Mader Costello Renee Mader Costello on Aug 19, 2018

    Thanks everyone for your help here. When I eventually get to it I'll post pics. I got other projects going on. I'm on three middle of doing my dining room furniture and then retackling my kitchen. Wish me luck!