Can a counter gas stove top be painted?

I have an old stainless steel gas stove top, that still functions well, but definitely is showing the wear and tear.
q can a counter gas stove top be painted
This is an oldie

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  • Valerie Valerie on Jun 12, 2017
    Check at Home Depot. I believe they sell a stainless steel paint from Rustoleum for appliances. =)

  • Swan Road Designs Swan Road Designs on Jun 12, 2017
    From your photo, it appears your stove top has discolored due to being subjected to heat over the years, along with some amount of cooked on cooking residue. Before you consider painting it, I would recommend giving it a healthy coating of Easy-Off oven cleaner. After the oven cleaner has been applied (thickly), place plastic wrap directly on the coated surface(s). Allow to sit overnight. After the oven cleaner has done its job or as much as it can, wash it all off using a dampened cloth. You will have to wipe it down several times in order to remove any of the gunk that is/was there. Now you will get a better idea of whether to paint it or not. Chances are some of the metal will remain darkened because of heat, but it may be livable. It's worth a try. I've brought many pots/pans back to life that looked hopeless using this method.

    As for painting it, any paint you apply will have to be heat-resistant. Having said this, I would suggest you contact the folks at Rust-Oleum and let them know what you wish to do.

  • Claudia Nunn Claudia Nunn on Jun 12, 2017
    I found this site that seemed to have all the information you need I hope it helps you.

  • YNV~ME YNV~ME on Jun 13, 2017
    Yes you can!!! And it is EZ 2 DIY---Have you all heard of Rustoleum’s appliance epoxy paint? This product comes in different colors also, black, white and stainless-like are the most popular check them out at you local hardware stores to see what they have and get your project on---best of luck.!!!

  • Caseyem11 Caseyem11 on Jun 13, 2017
    Make sure any paint is heat proof. Look for stove paint.

  • Randall Lloyd Randall Lloyd on Jun 13, 2017
    A friend was redoing their kitchen and kept the old appliances and removed the outer panels including the stove top. They found a local auto body shop that sand blasted, primed and repainted them all and had a choice of any color you could imagine including ones metallic sparkle which they chose a deep charcoal with a bit of sparkle which hides the finger prints very well all done for under $500

  • Q.k9003237 Q.k9003237 on Jun 13, 2017
    You might check with powder coating companies. I renovated an old trailer that had coppertoned appliances. Took them and had them powder coated hammered black...turned out beautiful. One thing though, we didnt use the stove everyday, definitely would ask the powder coating company if product will withstand heat in this situation.

  • John Wallis John Wallis on Jun 14, 2017
    Burn marks on stainless steel can be polished out with a fine steel wool (0000 grade) and buffed using a metal polish. I know because I worked with all grades of stainless steel alloys for over 45 years.

  • Patricia Barron Patricia Barron on Jun 14, 2017
    Yes as John Wallis says - they can be cleaned - once cleaned though get into the habit of ALWAYS cleaning the stove top EVERY time you use it. Wash with soapy cloth or cleaner if necessary (eg. steel wool ) rinse, then buff dry. Will always look amazing & you won't continue to burn old stains into the stainless steel. This also works on enamel top stoves.

  • Betty Faehr Edwards Betty Faehr Edwards on Jun 15, 2017
    Thanks for all the ideas. This is a rental home we live in, but the landlord has told us to do whatever we want. I have left the kitchen last because I knew it would be a big job. I have done a lot of cleaning on this house, because of condition when we moved in, but worth it, love the house and area. I will post pictures when I get it done, sure this will be a big project.

  • Dianna Dianna on Jan 05, 2022

    Hi, I have the same stove but the name of the stove is off after we bought the home so I cannot buy knobs which needed cuz I don't have the name of the stove can you please text me with the name of your stove because it's exactly as mine.