Using chalk paint to paint kitchen cabinets

I have red kitchen cabinets and want to paint over it with antique white. Does the red have to be sanded off first? TIA
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  • Country Design Home Country Design Home on Jul 05, 2016
    Hi Terri- It has been my experience that red is a very difficult paint color to cover, especially when changing to a very light color. I would sand the heck out of them, removing as much of the paint as possible. Then I would prime with a "stain blocker" primer like Kilz. Then I would apply the paint- could just be latex- any brand you'd like- but the premier paints like Ben Moore have better coverage and finish on them. Good luck!

  • Terri Wright Warf Terri Wright Warf on Jul 07, 2016
    Is this specific to chalk painting?

    • R Walter R Walter on Jul 08, 2016
      The above advise is not specific to chalk paint. Since you have red paint (or any dark color for that matter), a stain blocker will need to be used and if you want a smooth finish sanding is absolutely a must.

  • Linda kelley Linda kelley on Jul 08, 2016
    Couldn't you paint on a primer, then follow with Chalk Paint, followed by a varathane or something if they are going to be your kitchen cabinets. You know what they is the meeting place with family and friends...lots of wear and tear.

  • Bonniev Bonniev on Jul 08, 2016
    I painted white Annie Sloan over dark walnut cupboards. It took 3 coats. All I did was wash them with a degreaser. It took 3 coats and some more but it was well worth the effort. Also I put a wash of AS Coco on them too. I'm amazed everytime I walk in to my kitchen. I did not use wax on them. I got a gal. of non-yellowing lacquer from the internet. Don't know who it was now. The great thing about AS is it dries so fast. I had all my doors in the garage and I'd paint them 1 coat, and lay them out of the steps to dry and by the time I was done with the 1st. coat, I could put another coat on them. easy to do 3 in a day.

  • Cindy Cindy on Jul 08, 2016
    I agree with Sue. Sand, primer with stain blocker, probably 2 coats the chalk paint try on discreet one first.