How do you define DIY project?

I've been reading about "Do It Yourself" projects for a long time, along with my own ideas from years ago. As I read the questions, it has occurred to me that "DIY" projects can be almost anything. Some are fun and whimsical, and others are very ambitious in my book.

I ask myself several questions before a start a project.

  1. Will it save me money?
  2. Can I do it as well as a professional?
  3. Can I do it faster rather than hiring someone?
  4. Does it need a permit to construct or rewire?

and...most importantly... 5. Will is be safe if I do it myself?

I'm just wondering how others look as doing DIY projects? I'm so impressed at some of the monumental tasks some of you take on and also do it flawlessly. I have a tendency to want to see it done or try a test spot before I invest too much time or money. And lastly....when do you decide it's time to bring in a professional?

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  • Linda Linda on Aug 19, 2018

    These are very good questions, suggestions and advice. It is very smart to test a small spot before doing it yourself. Someone should write a post about when to DIY

  • John Wilder John Wilder on Aug 19, 2018

    First of all DO NOt buy or read DIY books. They r written by writers not contractors. It is always incomplete and sometimes has dangerous instructions. The editors also have no real world construction experience. Find someone who knows how to do it and as part of the deal he has 2 show u how 2 do it

  • Chiyoko Kana Chiyoko Kana on Aug 19, 2018

    Those questions you have listed are very important, I think and should be checked before start working on. Personally I take #5 very important as no-one should take any chance of risks getting hurt. Becoming professional is something I realized when I had an offer as professional from potential customer. DIY could be fun, nice experiences, and should be the safe ones, I think.