I'm curious, what do I keep?

My question, it's not that I need help with something specific, just curious. I started crafting about 9 months ago, it seems now I'm not throwing away anything, without thinking, "What could I make with this"? Is this normal ? I'm thinking it is, because everyone makes such beautiful crafts. I working my way to doing bigger crafts as I get familiar with techniques used.

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  • Dfm Dfm on Nov 25, 2017
    every seamstress, every crafts person has a stash of" i can use that later." becouse just just don't know when Barbie Dall and the handsome Ken are going to need a new out fit. yup i learned to sew doll clothes from scraps, quilts too.

    • Diane Diane on Nov 26, 2017
      How true, we have to learn fast when there is a need. We can't let Ken and Barbie go without new clothes. Happy Holidays.

  • Completely normal! Just do not let it take over ever square inch of space in hour house. When I have kept too much I offer to other crafters in my neighborhood on Nextdoor.com.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Nov 25, 2017
    Do not compare your crafts to any else number one,do not second guess your talent or ability,use others ideas for inspiration not competition. This is not what this site is about. Those that share there projects should be proud of there accomplishments and you should to.As they say reguardless of any situation hands on is the best experience,and we all have learned from mistakes.Dot be so hard on yourself

    • Diane Diane on Nov 26, 2017
      Thank you ,Janet. I seem to do that a lot. I really started crafting because I was getting depressed about things I can't change. I found this site , and it feels so welcoming and I really enjoy crafting. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! P.S. I'm originally from N. Babylon.

  • Dl.5660408 Dl.5660408 on Nov 25, 2017
    Lol, you’ve got the craft bug! Yep, stashing is normal, just don’t let it get out of hand or it will “own” you instead of the other way around. Having crafting/sewing friends is wonderful because you can always swap and share

    • Diane Diane on Nov 26, 2017
      I have really been enjoying crafting, especially to have Home Talk and seeing what everybody is crafting. Hopefully I could find someone to trade supplies and ideas. I was thinking about taking some classes at one of the hobby stores. Happy HOLIDAYS!

  • Christine M. Werth Christine M. Werth on Nov 25, 2017
    It is perfectly normal. The best thing to do is try to limit your "Save for later" to a certain number of containers or a designated amount of space. It is soooo easy for it to add up and then make you feel overwhelmed with all the crafts you have piled up. I also find that if you tag the item you want to keep for later with a short description of the ideas you have at the time it will help jog your memory when you finally do get to it. Happy Crafting!!!

  • Diana Deiley Diana Deiley on Nov 25, 2017
    Oh my friend......we ALL have that problem. Mine is with anything made of wood, crates, boxes, furniture, flooring, shutters, doors, etc.. My lanai looks like a salvage shop. You'll sort out your products when you have time and will create a comfortable working space for yourself. Best of luck.

  • Clair Clair on Nov 25, 2017
    • I have an entire room for crafting, sewing. So if you have somewhere you can confine it to, clean /reorganize it every few weeks when it gets bad, that would be best.
    • I believe in using everything at least twice, as we are leaving this world to our kids, & how much crap do we really need up at the landfill?
    • once or twice a year, I go in one of those Facebook groups, look for ppl with chickens. I give them 30 egg cartons for a dozen real fresh chicken eggs.
    • FB groups, ask if anyone makes candles, there are a few, give them all my little jars. They paint & decorate the tops decorate the tops, make candles in the bottom. You know, tiny little basil, garlic, pesto or olibe jars.... smaller ones that I keep because they look like they’d be good for something (also good for paperclips, push thumbtacks, stuff like that)
    • this isn’t crafting, but it was stuff I didn’t throw away. Cheap, plastic spice jars + a detergent container. Small nails, things I used to build stuff with, helps in organizing.
    • Last- contact kindergarten, preschool, first grade teachers in groups on Facebook. Toilet paper rolls, sour cream containers, all kinds of stuff can be collected for a class project, used again before throwing away.

    + LEARN TO LET GO. Can be hard, but you don’t want to be that old lady hoarder!

  • Diane Diane on Nov 28, 2017
    Thank you for taking the time to give me such wonderful suggestions. Your area is so nice. I'm going start organizing a little better. Never thought about items for grade school, I no a few teachers, that may need some of the things I have.HAPPY HOLIDAYS !