What DIY project do you think would be a good item to start a business

  4 answers
  • Shoshana Shoshana on Jul 25, 2017
    I would start by figuring out what craft material you most like working with- is it glass? Yarn? Fabric? Once you figure out what you love to do, then you'll be able to convince others to partake in that.

  • Emily Emily on Jul 25, 2017
    Do you mean you want to sell items you make or do you want to repair/make/something to someone elses order? My friend owned a picture framing business, across the street was a woman who made draperies. Do you want to have a store front or work from home? My daughter sells things she makes on Etsy. But that is not really lucrative. A nearby business is of lamp repair and sales. Do you want to teach others how to do something? Some years ago I taught an adult education class in quilting. I liked doing it and the students all made one project, but I didn't really make much money. You could start small, make something and take it around to shops and see if they will sell it.

  • Marie Banti Marie Banti on Jul 25, 2017
    I think painting furniture. Flea market finds , garage sale finds.

  • Sharon Susa Courchesne Sharon Susa Courchesne on Aug 16, 2017
    Depends what you're skilled I would say? I've always wanted to try selling homemade baked goods.