What is the easiest/cheapest way to cover an ugly wall that needs work

by Sin28868861
I was thinking wood plank, shiplap, vinyl flooring, wallpaper, or something with texture to hide my ugly wall. Cheap easy suggestions?
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  • Jennifer | CrazyDiyMom Jennifer | CrazyDiyMom on Jan 27, 2018

    What is wrong with the wall? Is it peeled off paint and drywall? If it is, it would probably be much easier to patch it up and repaint then it would be to recover it with something else.

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    • Jennifer | CrazyDiyMom Jennifer | CrazyDiyMom on Jan 29, 2018

      It's hard to tell from the picture, but it looks like it may be "orange peel" texture. If it is, they sell texture in a can. You would just smear on some drywall compound, smooth it and sand it a bit if it needs it. Then you spray the texture on and let it dry. It took my drywall skills from knowing nothing to "wow....not too bad"  When texture is dry, then paint. It always looks awful when it's being patched up so check it with your eyes closed by rubbing your hand over to feel if it all blends in.

  • Mogie Mogie on Jan 27, 2018

    Fix the problem and repaint. Should cost less then $30.

  • Kdblaisdell Kdblaisdell on Jan 27, 2018

    Venetian plaster hides a lot of flaws

  • Mary Mary on Jan 27, 2018

    Faux board and batten about 2/3 to 3/4 up wall. Top board, bottom trim board, and slats spaced 18 or so inches apart. Then paint all a solid color - will look like the whole thing is solid wood.

  • Danielle K Moore Danielle K Moore on Jan 27, 2018


  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Jan 27, 2018

    Large Mirror or Pictures or Poster or Hang Quilt or Collage............

  • Gail Gail on Jan 29, 2018

    For me, it would be wallpaper. I always have a stash of wallpaper bolts (double rolls) on hand to use whenever I want or need to change something. I buy only what I like & appeals to me.

    I never ever spend much money for it. When I go to thrift stores, yard sales, flea markets etc, I watch for lots with several bolts alike that I can get at a bargain.

    When I need paint for trim to go with a wallpaper pattern, I go to Sherwin Williams & ASK for a reject paint that can be tinted or mixed the color I need if they don't already have one that will work. I usually get this high end paint for well under $10 gal.

    This is what I call decorating on a dime.

  • V Smith V Smith on Jan 29, 2018

    If you can, build or buy a large frame for stretching artist canvas, then staple some fun fabric over the frame and hang them on the wall. You can really go big with this if you build your own frames/stretchers.

  • Dee Dee on Oct 11, 2022

    I would use drywall mud, roll it on, then prime and paint the wall a color that goes with your room.