How do I fix vinyl siding that is cupped?

When contractor built my 2 car garage with shop, he told me to get siding with built in backboard as that is all he installs. He charged me for siding with built in backboard and it looked great for a year. Now it is cupping because there was never a backboard. He is nowhere to be found, I have Parkinson's Disease and am not able to replace it myself and am on disability so I can't afford to hire another contractor. If I had materials, I have many family members who are in the building trades that will be glad to install it. I knew something would be wrong when shortly after contractor and crew were gone, a detective stopped by to ask me a lot of questions about some of the guys and if I noticed any strange behavior. Thinking back, I did notice that they had the "sniffles" a lot. I guess the money that was supposed to pay for better siding went up their noses. I wonder how much other stuff is substandard. Garage seems solid, siding just looks awful.

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  • Then they should have helped you to begin with. But that is water under the bridge. Here is what I would do. Call and get the building inspectors out to go over the structure with a fine toothed comb. Were permits pulled originally? I bet not! Now is the time to fix all the wrongs, but you need to know what they are first. After the inspection, you will receive a written report of what exactly needs to be done. Use that report as your repair checklist. Then you and your family can get together to form a game plan as to how to proceed. Savvy shopping and scouring Craig's list and or or Habitat restore for the best prices on supplies (or free). If you do need to hire a licensed contractor, here are a few tips: