How do I fix the water pipes in my bathroom?

by Celesta
The part with the valves on it broke off while removing the vanity. I know I will have to cut the wall, I went to the local home improvement store and purchased new pipes and valves, elbow connectors, p-traps, etc. just need to know what to do with it. Thanks for any help you can give me.
broken part inside wall
before picture sink on right side of vanity
before picture sink on left side of vanity, the pipe runs from the right sink to the left sink.
where pipe broke off of right vanity inside wall
pipe broke off of right vanity
left vanity
left vanity
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  • Hope Williams Hope Williams on Mar 12, 2015
    It looks to be a fresh water pipe. If this is correct you'll have to shut off your main valve to the house. Cut an opening large enough to work in. Using a PVC cutter, cut it off below the 90'. Clean and glue another 90' on. Then add enough straight pipe and another 90' to bring it outside the wall. Then another piece of straight pipe to connect your emergency valve on. Then you should be goo to go. Check for water leaks prior to finishing your hookup.
  • Eddie Christian Eddie Christian on Mar 12, 2015
    Hope is correct but I would use caution with a PVC cutter. Plastic pipe will get brittle over time. It may be better to use a hacksaw. Be sure the pipe is dry before you cement it back together.
  • Linda 4 Real Linda 4 Real on Mar 12, 2015
    I'm not positive if you broke just the drainage pipe or either shut off valve. I am romodeling also and have just had 2 shut off valves broken. The repair for the first one was complicated and I have a nice hole to repair. Can u clarify if it is PVC pipe damage only or shut off valve? That way I can tell you exactly what was done at my home and send pictures. I do recommend if cutting more than small hole, go ahead and find your closest studs because you will need to cut half the with of the studs to each side anyway for a clean Sheetrock repair. I am doing a full gut remodel and now know more than I ever wanted to about Sheetrock patching. I have done about 20+ in the last 2 months from tiny to full sheet size on wall and ceiling. I'm so lucky. Lol😊
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    • Linda 4 Real Linda 4 Real on Mar 13, 2015
      @Celesta you are correct and you are more knowledgable than I am. I am just concerned for her with any other parts that may be damaged and end up with a leak after all the work is done. I have struggled learning through having to call and text my plumber friend after I did everything the "right" way. Lol. I had licensed plumbers come to repair my double vanity leak at my last home and it still leaked. I finally did it myself for 88 cents. Food for thought on PVC is DONT over tighten. Ben there and done that and cracked to same little piece 2 x. Your advise sounds great
  • Pete Wells Pete Wells on Mar 12, 2015
    Looks like CPVC, I'd follow Hope's advice
  • John John on Mar 12, 2015
    First, if you're staying in the house, I'd check code restrictions and make sure PVC pipe is allowed. It is brittle, and can and will break easily. You may need to or should go to the heavy copper for stability. You can cut the PVC pipe with a saw and then glue an attachment to it that copper pipe will connect to. If you can put a board and fasten it behind the copper piping, you should attach the pipe to the board to keep it sturdy and no moving and breaking when turning the valve off and on. I just replaced almost all my soft copper water lines in my house with PEX piping made to carry hot and cold water. Copper will corrode and cause pin hole water leaks creating major damage. $3800.00 and counting. It costs around $250 to $350 each time I had the copper pin holes fixed, then I had to repair the ceiling damage. Using irrigation piping behind walls is asking for trouble. I'll try to attach some of the pictures of our last damage from a pin hole leak in our newly remodeled kitchen. If your doing it, do it right the first time so you will not have to come back and redo it. The Pex piping all connected to the correct type of copper fittings before attaching to any valves for stability, durability, and code restrictions.
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    • Linda 4 Real Linda 4 Real on Mar 13, 2015
      @John it warms my heart to hear that you had a real dinner in your kitchen. They say,"what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" & "God only gives you what you can handle." Sometimes we wish he didn't trust us so much. I can't imagine the journey but I'm so pleased that ya'll are coming out on the upside. I do think your story is a good cautionary tale. Linda
  • Linda 4 Real Linda 4 Real on Mar 12, 2015
    @John please listen to John bf trying repair. I agree with him that I find it odd to have in wall PVC for its durability and chance of leak which can cause damage above. I shut off main luckily bf I had extensive damage and plumber charged$250. I was upset spending that at first bc it was more than I have spent so far on my full bathroom gut and remodel thus far. The pic is behind fridge and may have to fix the hot water valve in bathroom if it is to tight to wall. You may be great with sheet rock and bathroom budget remodel but if u need me to do how to on sheet rock or tips on my DIY vanity, backsplash, mirror, floating shelves and built in hamper, please let me know. I used recycled materials and on thoes items spent$20 thus far, so my rule now is, "if it's in the" that's for plumbing and electric. I even save tons by prepping are and having everything cleared and any parts or tools ready.
  • Linda 4 Real Linda 4 Real on Mar 12, 2015
    Side view. This is just the shut off valve repair. I can send my vanity plumbing pics I'm working on today if needed. I'm goin to see if I can fix that shutoff outside of wall bf I try. Must cut off main 1st
  • Hope Williams Hope Williams on Mar 12, 2015
    In a lot of places, copper is considered to be obsolete. If you can convert over to pex, please do that. If you are the one doing this yourself and are just not sure of your skills yet, you can always take a pic, measurements and draw a small diagram and one of the big box stores will help show you how or just make them for you.
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    • Hope Williams Hope Williams on Mar 13, 2015
      We bought our pex from Home Depot in north Ga. They even had the clamp tool.
  • Mogie Mogie on Sep 10, 2023

    Be careful dealing with old pvc pipes last month had one completely come apart after a small tug on it. PVC can become brittle with time so be careful.