How to cover your window so wind won't come in.

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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jan 04, 2018
    use a window insulation kit from three m

  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Jan 04, 2018
    There are kits available and pretty much every hardware store that include plastic sheets plus everything you need to install them. You put them on the inside of the windows. You could also just use large plastic sheets and tape them to the windows if you can't find the kits. Below is a link to click from Home Depot that shows you what they look like. Wishing you the

  • Tinyshoes Tinyshoes on Jan 04, 2018
    Hardware stores have the plastic that you put on the outside of really well

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Jan 04, 2018
    Make a frame and stretch polythene over it, then attach to window frame.

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Jan 04, 2018
    If you are in cold conditions right now, nail or tack two layers of blankets, quilts, sheets, beach towels, shower curtains or curtains over every window. If you have more time, use thick mm clear plastic or yard bags. ☺️

  • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on Jan 04, 2018
    If you mean with plastic the instructions are on the package assuming you can find some. I woke up to a negative 4 so I'm pretty sure the stores around me would be limited at best. But it's super easy and I find that first you need to see if air is coming just from the window area meaning the mechanism that allows it to go up and down or if the trim work is allowing air in,because that will determine where to apply the tape that comes in the kit. With that said major disclaimer here,it may take paint off with it when you remove it so decide first if that will be an issue or if you have paint to touch up area just in case. Then it's just a matter of wiping area down just like it states with alcohol and I've used vinegar just as well cause I don't have alcohol. Then allow it to dry approximately 15 minutes in which time you can get it ready to apply by opening it up fully and that is so important because from experience, if you don't that film is like bible pages, it is so thin and sticks so well to itself that it's hard to believe it works. So open it up then I fold it the long way and find center I also find center in wall or moulding. Carefully apply tape to dry clean area as you apply tape press it down firmly so that you get a really good seal. Wait. 10 minutes. Now remove the backing of the double sided tape to expose the sticky side facing into the room. Then carefully match your marked centered areas and work out from both sides pressing firmly the film to tape. Work your way down on both sides as equally as you can. Notice that unlike the box I did not cut any plastic film yet I won't do that until I have used the hair dryer. So let's get back on task. OK so you have worked you way across the top and on both sides going down and then on bottom. If satisfied now comes the hairdryer. This can be annoying and if you have curtains up its not that big of a deal if you end up with an area that just won't get tight and smooth. Oh sorry but if you have blinds then you really have to decide how you want them ,open ,closed or down or up. Don't bother with the instructions that say you can make a hole that's defeating the purpose of keeping cold air out. OK so you dry don't touch dryer to plastic film but you want to keep it at a slight angle and work your way up to down or down to up doesn't matter. And if I haven't confused you enough, I'm so sorry about that it's just that I've done this so often I forget and take things for granted and then had to add them in , don't do this on a windy day because you will not succeed happily. You will succeed but you will end up not ever wanting to take it down. Which if you have central air and don't need to open windows leave it up to keep hot air out. I have done that as well and had not issues when I did remove it. I take it as a challenge that I don't and won't lose its all about perseverance. It's at that point that you can trim and also really important, don't cut to the edge leave yourself wiggle room, should it come off by someone bumping into it or super high winds. You can just apply more tape and use that film that you left for yourself adjust and blow dry again. As I get older and I know my windows ,yes even of this 2yrs old home for me yet it's 35 yrs old, I actually double up the tape along sides because I have really strong winds and well I can't afford to replace those particular windows that were the only ones the previous owner didn't replace, someday I will.