Fancy up a Dalmatian entryway wall

Go freestyle to make your own Dalmation accented wall. Practice first on some paper, then dab away using a round 6 & bright 6 brush. Get tutorial here

Sponge paint your bathroom

Paint an accent wall using a sponge to stamp a design onto the wall. Minimal effort needed to get a beautiful wallpaper appearance. Get tutorial here

Upgrade a bedroom wall

Create a dramatic look on a bedroom wall using latex paint. Brush strokes with a chip brush in the pattern you desire to compliment your room decor. Get tutorial here

Stamp the inside of a China cabinet

Give a major upgrade to the inside of a cabinet. Wrap twine around a piece of wood to create a custom stamp. Apply paint to the twine and stamp away. Get tutorial here

Create geometric patterns for a nursery

Add depth & dimension to a nursery by painting geometric patterns. Create patterns with painters tape and paint. Great tips included to help you do it right. Get tutorial here

Makeover closet walls with a faux wallpaper technique

Handpaint closet walls to look like beautiful wallpaper. Plan a design, follow the time-saving hack using laminating sheets to test your pattern. Get tutorial here

Use plastic wrap to create a faux finish

Create a modern effect on walls by applying plastic wrap during painting. See how teal paint was used to create a water effect finish for a bathroom. Get tutorial here

Hand stamp a citrus themed pantry wall

Make stamps out of insulation foam using an X-acto knife and a Dremel. Dip into paint and stamp onto the walls. Let dry, then outline and finish designs. Get tutorial here

Upcycle cardboard to use as a stamp

Make a stamp from cardboard, then dip in paint. Check out the video tutorial to learn how to easily stamp an entire accent wall. Get tutorial here

Apply rub-on furniture transfers to your walls

Use IOD Furniture Transfers and Stamps to create an amazing bedroom accent wall in under an hour! You'll need a stamping block and decor ink. Get tutorial here