Make your own DIY air freshener jars with essential oils

Learn how to safely refresh your home with these simple, non-toxic, and natural air freshener jars crafted with essential oils, baking soda, and dried lavender. Make a bunch and give them out as gifts to friends and family! Get tutorial here

Naturally scent your home with these wax air fresheners

Create your own wax air fresheners with essential oils, dried flowers, or fragrance oils. This project is super versatile so you can get creative! Experiment with scents and materials and bask in the sweet smelling fruits of your labor! Get tutorial here

Put together a no sew hanging air freshener sachet

No need to pull out your sewing kit to create a hanging air freshener sachet for your home or car. This project makes use of basic materials and fabric scraps, and will quickly freshen your car, closet, or bathroom! Get tutorial here

Learn how to make a sage cleansing spray

Sage is an herb thought to have a multitude of healthy home benefits. This DIY sage cleansing spray combines the power of natural ingredients to effectively cleanse your home with a lovely sage scent afterwards. Get tutorial here

Keep it fresh with this DIY flower air freshener

This project is will teach you a bit about chemistry. Learn how to make your own DIY flower air freshener from things you can find in your pantry! Get tutorial here

Find out how to make your own DIY unicorn wax air fresheners

These easy DIY wax air fresheners are a fun twist on traditional wax ornaments. Not only are they shaped like unicorns, they are a cute way to decorate your favorite spaces in need of a fresh scent. Get tutorial here

No need for chemical with this all natural room spray

Make your own all-natural DIY essential oil sprays at home for next to nothing! They are so easy to make yourself and you can customize them to suit your needs or scent preferences. This set also makes for a great gift! Get tutorial here

Recycle a toilet paper tube into a DIY rose petal air freshener

Turn trash into treasure with this DIY rose petal air freshener made from none other than a toilet paper roll! This project costs next to nothing and will freshen your home in no time! Get tutorial here

Make some beautiful DIY air freshener disks

These handy dandy air freshener discs made with baking soda and essential oils smell fantastic and will help with the smell around the house, office or in the car. Say good bye to chemical filled fresheners! Get tutorial here

Create your own DIY gel air fresheners

Freshen up your home naturally with these simple gel fresheners. They’re easy to make with a few simple ingredients. You can customize them with any scent and color you prefer. Plus, they’re fun to look at! Get tutorial here