Project Tip: How to Use Make WOW Out of the Dollar Store

Take dollar or (£1.00 store in England), ribbon, artificial flowers, white chenille craft sticks, feathers, glue and dolly pegs to make flower fairies.
Take apart flowers, use three layers of petals to make a skirt. Make central hole bigger, Add to peg by putting over head of peg, Glue under skirt. The take a craft stick and wind around body to make arms. Cut up 5cm of 2.5cm ribbon to match skirt colour. Cu a notch out of middle, put on to peg to make bodice( I used some wadding to fill out shape first).
Tie with finer ribbon.
Add to the back of ribbon some feathers( I used some feathers pulled from a feather duster). Glue on some wool for hair. Could get two or three fairies out of one flower. Mine were Chrisantiams.
t tip
t tip
Flower fairies made from £1.00 store finds.
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