What should I use for a backsplash?

I found an old black kitchen cart, put bun legs on it. Took a slab of plywood and secured it to the top of the cart and with cleats to the walls. I have to stain the plywood and put some type of backspash there. Going to put two cabinets above and shelves in the center. What I want is to be able to deconstruct the entire thing if necessary. So no tile backsplash. Shiplap? other ideas? It's all bar height too. Would you leave the chairs there or put in more cabinets underneath or shelves? Ideas welcomed.

q what should i use for a backsplash
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  • Sharon Gott Griffin Sharon Gott Griffin on Mar 02, 2019

    Bead board, wallpaper, tiles (real or adhesive) depending on where you are using this. Is it Kitchen? Attach an oilcloth table cloth to the wall behind it, using the pattern you choose. To expand the area, use a door mirror turned horizontally, attach to the wall. Take a hint from your surrounding area and colors.

  • Debi53 Debi53 on Mar 05, 2019

    How about stenciling the area? It is not hard to do and you can customize your colors. about the chairs, it depends on what you use the area for. If it is for computer work or homework, then leave the chairs, if not, then cabinets or shelves depending on your taste. Shelves with decorative baskets or used as bookshelves would be really pretty.