Asked on May 23, 2020

Best product for sealing very porous tile?

K. Rupp
by K. Rupp

Hi fellow home talkers! How are all of you doing? If anyone could help me out...I would really appreciate it!

We have a very porous PORCELAIN tile in our kitchen. It is made to look like white travertine stone. We got it instead of travertine at the time because it was porcelain, didn't stain like travertine and "didn't need to be sealed". The problem is that it has become difficult to clean since it is so porous. When scrubbed with a machine scrubber it does clean up nice, but I can tell I still have to get on my hands and knees to really scrub inside the pits. We are talking hours to get this floor clean!!! It can look like dark seeds even after it has been cleaned because the dirt gets stuck. I have included a couple of pics. The floor that has the worst problem is in the kitchen(of course). First pic is the foyer tile(not bad), 2nd pic is the kitchen tile which was cleaned YESTERDAY!!!

My daughter helps me clean the floors and her biggest complaint is...these floors never look clean. HAHA.

What product would you suggest to seal these tile floors. I have tried to look at products and have no idea what to use on it especially since this tile was not meant to be sealed like travertine. I am hoping a sealer would make them easier to clean? Any suggestions..?

Foyer tile (same tile as the kitchen)- Hasn't been cleaned in a while. Probably closer to what it should look like.

Same tile located in our Kitchen- CLEANED YESTERDAY! Dirt in pits that the scrubber can't get.

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